Saturday, February 2, 2013

Now Today Was a Busy One

Today was supposed to be a nice day. I guess it wasn't to

I did go out and rake up all those dead branches and leave
from the mesquite tree on my neighbor's yard. But I didn't
have leaf bags to pick it up but at least there is a pile .

I  have been thinking about moving dishes around in the
the kitchen. So I got on it and of course I realized the shelf
paper or contact needed to be changed. It had been bought
a while ago. I emptied all the cabinets and peeled off the old
stuff and wiped everything down. It is not a job I like but 
now it's done and I am happy.

My daughter Debbie called and said she ordered her  cake
for the wedding. It took some doing but I did manage to get
a picture of it.

The hearts will be silver and the beads will be blue and no
 ribbon will be on the cake.

Now if they could just figure out the invitations we can get
them ordered.

Good Night All


  1. The cake looks beautiful and it sounds like you accomplished a lot today. Very productive.

  2. Good morning John,
    I now that cake will look just beautiful in the blue and silver. Black Forest cake with rasberry filling and the top layer is carrot with cream cheese. Want to have some? Yes I am glad that I got the done yesterday.

    Have a Great day

  3. Funny but one job always leads to another. Nice to have new paper on the shelves and things more organized.

  4. Hello Phyllis,

    It never fails does it. Then went to put something in the little closet in the bathroom and noticed that all needs to be redone also.
    Have a great day.

  5. Wow where did all that come from?,,,I need some. (the energy to clean all those cabinets...)

  6. Hi Trouble,
    Maybe its the smoothies with protien. But I'm not sure that was it or how much energy I have but the need to do more than sit on my butt all day. hahah

  7. Man, I sure wish I had a piece of that cake...and some of your energy!

    You've been a busy lady! Better slow down, you're making the rest of us look bad!

  8. Hi Jim my Special One,

    Some times it just hit you and you go with it while it lasts.

    The wedding plans are moving right along and the nice thing is it will be paid for before the date.
    They did smart planning on this.

    You have a wonderful day.

  9. I keep reading about people starting spring cleaning. Guess I'd better start thinking about it, too!

    The cake is beautiful, and will be even prettier in silver and blue!

  10. Hi tinycamper,
    I think I'm a little early but then I try to clear out of here in April so it has to get done early.

    Thank you I think it will look so pretty in the other colors too. I have to find some silver shoes and that isn't easy when you have crummy feet. ahaha

  11. YAY my cake!!! cant wait to see it in my colors. And the testing was so delicious! And he is transporting thank god cause I never would have gotten in there in one piece LOL