Thursday, February 28, 2013

My First Book

First it was a beautiful day. Cleaned up the little fountain and my little red wagon.
It sure needed a washing.  Plugged in the fountain got my kindle and sat on the porch.
with Fred and read my book. The Tiniest Mansion - How To Live In Luxury on the Side
of the road in an RV, Author Tynan.
 Kathy stopped by and enjoyed the porch too.

Other than that and a few walks with Fred didn't do much.

Hope you are having a good week.

Good Night All


  1. Your first book on the Kindle? What kind did you get. I love my paper white. The back light gives me the contrast I need to read.

    I've heard a lot of bad things about Norton. Back in the early 90s, the were good for defragging a mac and checking for viruses. Other than that I stopped using them when Mac had it's own software to take over Norton's tasks.

    Pats to Fred!

  2. sounds like a lovely day Jo. I had to download Kindle in my computer again today. It was gone...have no idea where it went?? got a fellow bloggers, Lavonne Gaddys book today.

  3. That sounds like an interesting book your reading. If you come up with any good tips let us know.

  4. Good morning Nancy and Jack,
    Yes it is the paper white. It makes for easy reading. And no trying to hold the book open or loosing my page.

    I hope people catch on about Norton soon. And how it comes already installed on new computers. Bad stuff.
    You have a great day.

    Hi Cyn,
    I thought of the computer version but I like being able to take the kindle where every I feel like reading. What is the name of Lavonne Gaddy's book?

    Have a nice day.

    Hello John,

    So far the book is giving step by step about roadside an boondocking, Fuel useage in the different class'. Pretty good info so far.
    I will pass on any tips I think are good ones.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    1. here is her book on Amazon:

      The one you are reading sounds interesting.
      I don't have a kindle, so download to my laptop instead. I'd might give it a try on the cell phone, but I think one device is probably enough. Easier to read on the laptop than the phone too.

  5. Sounds like a book I'd enjoy reading....

  6. It gives lots of tips for all kinds of things. Been enjoying it. Reading on the porch is so wonderful. the weather is great isn't it?
    Nice of you to stop by.