Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Norton Strikes Again

Made plans to go out to lunch today with the ladies from the park. Since this has been an expensive month I figured I better check my account. What in the world was this! A withdrawal for $85.67 from Norton. Some of you who have read my blog for awhile may remember that around August or Sept. I had a problem with them taking money out of my account. I did get that money back but it caused computer problems and a lot of agrivation. Norton can ruin your computer. Once you sign up with them they own you.  Well today was the last time I will have to put up with them. I called my bank filed a complaint and filed other complaints with the Attorney Generals office and the BBB. This company thinks they are Big Brother or something. They have gotten to big and to powerful. I never gave them permission to do auto pay. I didn't even get and e-mail saying that re newal was coming up on my desk top which has a virus and not useable at this time. Thank You Norton for nothing. I was lucky enough to catch it before the bank actually processed the payment and I will be refunded the money.  I still had the last e-mails from the first round of trouble with them so I was able to verify with my bank. My bank also looked it up and found in their records the problem which accured from my credit card. This is a BUYER BEWARE! Lots of new computers come with Norton already downloaded so be careful. There are some great free anti virus programs out there that work just fine.

So off I went  with the ladies. We stopped at a really nice second had store that Lois volunteers at.
Really nice store, clean and very well organized.

Then off to lunch at a place called Trident Grill. It was very busy and took a really long time to get our orders in and a long time to get served. The waitress was great it wasn't her fault they just didn't have enough help. The food was very good.

When I arrived home there was my Kindel PaperWhite. So I charged it up and read some intructions. I will mess with it tomorrow. They have books you can borrow and there is no time limit on them. So I will start there as I did see several about RVing.

Good Night All


  1. Norton is a bear to deal with. My new laptop came with a 60 day free trial, but my years in the computer business made me smart enough to delete it before it got its claws into my system. Worst problem I ever dealt with. I hope you get it resolved.

  2. Good morning John,
    It's unbelievable that they can get away with this. I ever have to replace a computer again I will make sure it is taken out immediately.

    Thanks for stopping by have a Great Day

  3. I used Norton way back and don't remember any problems. But another one did me the same way of charging my card. Quit Norton, and used that other one til it did that to me, then went to AVG, free, and it is great.

  4. Hi Trouble,
    My daughter told me to use the AVG. So as soon as I get my friend here to clear up the desk top I will have her install that.
    Thanks for coming by.

  5. Glad you persevered... that's how a lot of companies keep on charging ... the victims give up. I hate those sign up things... whatever it is ...

    Trend Micro for my Mac was installed when I bought it and I didn't want it ~ told them I didn't ... said I could have it for free... then the subscription that I didn't subscribe to ran out

    Had to tell them 912 times! no no no

    If they'd ever had my credit card information .. I'd probably still be fighting them! bullies.

  6. I had trend too. My computer was always full of virus that one was really a piece of crap.