Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Better Weather Today

While it is still chilly it is getting warmer. Maybe I shouldn't brag.

I don't care what no animal people think but dogs are pretty smart and I'm sure cats are too.
Today Fred had an app. with the groomer for a bath and nail trim. He loved getting into
the car until I made the turn toward the groomers. The whining started. The closer we
came to the next turn he was really starting to whine more. I thought when I pulled into
the gate he would go into a coronary . Jody always comes out to greet and take the dogs
into her little shop. He looked so sad and scared. I quickly left and hug out at the Family
Dollar store. It only takes half an hour to bath an cut his nails so going home is a waste
of gas and time. I wondered around the store and bought a pillow for his man cave and a
 treat. When I pulled in Jody brought Fred out and I thought he would claw her to death
 trying to get to me. He didn't whine not one time on the way home and was just as happy
 as can be to be sitting next to me.

I received a call from Sunny of Changing Lanes wanting to have lunch as she was in the
area. Not a problem. We enjoyed lunch at the Mexican place around the corner and talked
about old trips and new ones to come. It was great.  Sonny is wanting to get camping
soon with her brother and sis in law in their new to them rig. Hope they enjoy their travels.

Not much else as that pretty much did a wrap for the day. It was enjoyable.

Good Night All


  1. aw.... Fred ... HAHAaaaa... yeah cats are smart too but they don't like being bathed much less going to a groomer ... oh, baruther.

    What fun with Sunny ...

  2. Poor Fred subject to dog abuse. You'd better hope he doesn't get the number of the Humane Society or he'll turn you in.

  3. Fred, we all need our beauty treatments! I'll bet he gets cookies while there too. (I used to give my client dogs cookies when I had my shop - they loved me!) How fun to have had lunch with Sunny. I'm so glad she made this trip! She's fun to be around.

  4. Good morning Carolyn,
    Those show cats must have to get used to all that primping I bet they have some really short nails.

    Hi John,
    And if that wasn't bad enough for him she put a bow on his collar. I forgot to tell her NO bow.

    Hello Cyn,
    And I think he very spoiled. Jody is so sweet and she will hold him while we talk and pet and love him, but oh when she starts walking away it is so sad.

    Yes having lunch with Sunny was great.

    Thank you all for stopping by.