Monday, February 25, 2013

Work, Work

Today we had no wind but it was still chilly.

I wanted to get more done in the shed so I took out one the
electric heaters to warm up the shed. I emptied out 3 drawers
of paints and took them over to my sisters house.

With the empty drawers I was able to put more things away
from from the motor home. swept up the floor again after I
wiped down the counters. Made things much neater around
the edges. Now the floor space in uncluttered looks great.
I have a big bag of garbage to put out.

Once I get the van more things will be taken out of the shed.

I even hung up the light I bought about 4 yrs ago John.
And it works too.

I am so happy this if finally done. I hated the mess .
A nice shower and a nice lunch was in order after all that
Fred and I walked some today but not to much. But he was
a happy guy. Tomorrow its off to the groomer for a nicde
bath and nail trim.
Good Night All


  1. Well done! It always feels good to get these things done. Sleep well.

  2. You going to take before and after pictures of Fred?

    g'night, Jo ;)

    night to you too, Cyn ;)

  3. Okay, you got me with the light fixture picture. A year and 354 days ahead of schedule. My compliments.

  4. Good job, Jo. Wish the tool part of my garage looked that neat. It always gives me a lift when I get a much-needed task done!

  5. Good morning Cyn,
    I did sleep well Thanks.

    Hi Carolyn,

    Fred will look the same but will smell better and his nails will be shorter. Not much you can do to change a short haired doxie.

    Hello John,

    Thank you. I don't know why I never hung it up it took 10 min. and that long because I kept dropping things.

    Hi Sunny,

    Thanks I feel so much better about it now. I hated going in there and so I just kept throwing things in the door.

    Thank you all for stopping by today and have a great day.