Sunday, February 24, 2013

Windy, Windy

The wind blew today. I new I better get out the ladder and fix that awning. So I gathered up some screws and the drill. Set it all up and climbed up to the top of the ladder. I could barely reach but stretched to my tallest height. Drove 2 screws over the top of the flapping panel and one under to wedge it in there. Walla Success.
The other end is way to high for me to reach so don't know how that will get fixed. But what is flapping on that side is the piece that runs off the roof onto the awning, so I don't have to worry about that flying off. Just the noise is rather annoying.

I figured I was already out there so I started going through things in the shed. Organize things better and started filling a lawn bag with junk. But it was so cold I couldn't stay out there anymore. Hope  tomorrow will be better weather. I have lots of bottles of paint for ceramics or hobby stuff. There is a ceramic class here that my sister runs and I told her I was going to dump as I really don't think its any good. She wants to look at it so I will put in a box and bring it over. Once I empty that set of drawers I can put more things away that are still laying around and in the way. I have 2 clean surfaces that I can now fix things on. I also have a hanging light I need to get put up. I bought that about 3 yrs ago.

Stopped over my sisters house to look at a project she is working on and had a nice hot cup of tea. One of my grandson's called and asked if I was home so he could stop over with his mom. So I headed home and it was good to see him. It's been awhile. Kids these days sure are tall. I don't know who these kids got their height from but they give me a stiff neck.haha

Spent the rest of the day trying to stay warm. I am on my last serving of veggie soup so I guess I have to go buy more veggies tomorrow. Nothing like nice hot soup in this cold weather.

Hope your weather was better than ours this weekend.

Good Night All


  1. Nice that you finally fixed the awning another couple of years and we'll have that light up, but at least you cleared out some drawer space to get ready for the next shopping trip. I hope you smiling while I'm kidding you.

  2. We were camped at Cave Creek this weekend and Saturday was beautiful and Sunday we were almost blown away...who would have known!

  3. You sound like you've had a pretty busy day. Rest up and keep warm.

  4. Good morning John,

    Yes I am smiling at your comment. I'll let you later about the light... or maybe not haha. No more shopping trips, its down sizing, down sizing I tell you.

    Hi kcgaz,
    Sorry you camping trip was ruined by the wind. It was awful. so far today seems calm but of course you are not camping now.

    Hi Cyn,
    I really want to get this stuff cleaned up and gone. I will have to be bringing stuff home from the Mountain not much but some.

    Thank you all for stopping by this morning and have a great day.

  5. We have your wind NOW... lol. You always give me a warning of what's coming.

  6. Hello Trouble,
    Glad to be of service.