Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Mini Tornado

Today was still a cold day but nice and sunny. Didn't do much waited for company.
 I finally went out picked up the mail and went to Walgreen's to see what they had out.
 Mostly Easter things not even St. Patrick's day stuff.

Found a nice flash light for those early morning walks that actually allows you to see..

I had done a survey for my Ins. Company so I received a gift cart for Amazon. I was going
to order books but started thinking about small spaces and not having room for books. So
 I finally broke down and bought me a Kindle 3g or something like that. It has the app to
enlarge the font which is nice. Should arrive next Tue. Wonder how long it will take me
to figure it out.

My company finally showed up about 8pm. And then the tornado began.

He sure has changed from that quiet lovable little guy into terror. He was bound and
determined to have everything that he was not allowed to have. The ball was soon
removed do to the fact he realized he could eat it.

He loves his little radio and dances with it until he decides it makes a
good weapon.

He wasn't having the hat and took it off and flung that too.
He gets into places Fred won't even go.
Some one has their work cut out for them getting him straightened out again.
But he is the cutest little devil.

Now I am exhausted.

Good Night All


  1. At least the little darlin's go home and leave the old folks to recover.

  2. HAhaaaaa... two? is he? oh, me... got into places Fred won't even go ... Hahaaaaa...

    What fun! a gift card from Amazon... !

    Night, Jo ... I had a great day with my 6'1" little boy ... ;)

  3. Have fun with that kindle when you get it! He's a cute little boy, but I don't think I have the energy to keep up either. Haha, a mini tornado!

  4. Hi John,
    Yes they leave!

    Hello Carolyn,
    No he is only 17mths. We hadn't seen him in 3 mths. Don't understand the change in him. We shall see if my daughter can get him back on track. Good to hear you had a good day.

    Hi Cyn,

    I always said I couldn't give up my paper books but small spaces don't hold much. Going to thin out the shed today at least give it a good try.

    Hope you all have a great Sunday.

  5. I just cant tolerate kids like that if their parents aren't keeping them out of things.
    Will like to see how you like the Kindle. On rvsues blog, I think it was, someone was telling how you could use a library card for 1000s of books to read on those.

  6. Hi Trouble,
    I don't like that behavior either. I think her sister has been watching him and nobody seems to care what any of those kids do. I just hope my daughter can change him around again.
    I heard about the library card thing too.

    Hope you have a good day, Wind is bad already so guess I will just stay indoors.

  7. Love the Kindle. It is ideal for people like us who just do not have the space for books. They are easy to use and carry with you whereever!

  8. Hello Phyllis,
    I'm getting excited about getting it. It has already shipped. I have way to many books in my house too so I may donated them. They are history books about the SW and its beginings.

  9. He is so darn cute!! Bet you are thrilled again to see him.. Give you a call later..thought maybe you would be taking a nap on this beautiful blow away day. Kathy

  10. Hello Kathy,
    No nap call this weather can bore the heck out of me. Talk at you later