Friday, February 22, 2013

Yippee No More Snow

When I woke up this morning I did slowly. I listened to the sounds outside. I knew there wasn't anymore snow. Got up bundled us up and went out for our first. It was cold but not as cold as it had been.
The sun was out by then and it seemed like a really nice day was ahead of us.

We came back in Fred took his seat on the heating vent to warm up while I fixed my coffee. Fred gets a good boy treat every morning after our first outs. As I walk to that side of the kitchen he comes charging along after me. I taught him to give me his paw and he gets his treat and a good back scratch and lots of good boys. Then its off to the computer room and Fred gets a toy and we play while the computer boots up.
Fred then does his morning exercise by running back and forth from one end of the house to the other. When we are up north the space is considerably smaller but he manages.

I went through more stuff from the motor home today and thinned that out quite a bit more. If I go into a van I will have to cut back even more.

John, of Travlin' with John announced he will be traveling in his PaT PT Cruiser this summer and leaving his Class C "Mel" at the RV Park. My Vitara is just about 2' to short for that. I am not tall by any means but I can not lay full length in mine. Some one said to check out the passenger seat to see if it lays down flat. Nope it doesn't. So I cannot use my care for that purpose. I will just have to wait until I sell the trailer to buy a van.

I made my Dr. apt to get things squared away for refill of Crestor and make sure everything else is still in working order. I still feel like it is.

I still have no idea when I will be leaving for Pinetop as we have to wait for the weather to be warm enough so they can turn the water back on. I will start to pack the things I will not be leaving with the trailer. I may have to come back down to Tucson to drop off a load.
I will be leaving pots n pans, linens things like that. I have no use for them here as I already have enough of that stuff.
But I have clothes , books, some dishes, my fake wood burning stove, memory foam mattress that I can use on my bed and other personal belongings. And to think I down sized when I bought that place and brought back lots of stuff last fall.

I think I finally got it now about how much stuff one really needs. And it ain't much.

Of course when you are staying in one place for 6mths you do need more of a home type supply. But I intend to do that in a van too. But it will be a totally different set up.

The day was colder as the day went on which is kind of backwards but the clouds built up more and it looked like rain a few times. so doing things in the house was a better fit for the day.

And today I photographed Pyrrhuloxia or as we call them the Desert Cardinal

I went out and refilled all the feeders after I took these pictures.
Once it warms up I will no longer feed the birds as then the rats come and so do the snakes and I will be gone soon after anyway.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend

Good Night All


  1. hahaa Fred and his heating vent... lol

    rats and snakes? man? I think I'd be wanting to be gone too ...

    Beautiful here! but still cold

  2. Good morning Carolyn,

    Yes I don't do snakes at all don't like them in pictures either. So the feeding stops soon.
    It's nice here today so far. We may reach 64 today!
    Hope to see my great grand today. His mother told my daughter maybe we can all go to lunch. AH we don't want to spend time with you just the baby thank you. But I guess if that's the way it is then we have to see her too.

    1. lol.. boy do I know THAT feeling... GREAT grandbaby .. man oh man

  3. Hey Carolyn,
    well it's 1:40 so I guess I'll have lunch now.
    Then spray the weeds again stinkin things didn't die the first round.