Thursday, February 21, 2013

May Snow Again???

The sun was shining really pretty this morning. Sky was clear. But it was cold. So I hung around the house doing little chores ( as little as possible) I knew I was going to go 2nd hand shopping today to buy some things for Smiley.
So about 11 am I was ready to go. I stopped to drop some money off at Lois' and she came with me. I brought a jacket but didn't really need it. Picked up a few really nice things for the baby. I brought them home and put them in the washer.

Fred needed his outs so out the door I went. WTH! There were dark ugly clouds all over the place again and it was freezing cold. Fred made quick work and was pulling be back to the house.

Turned on the TV to listen to the news. Yes possible snow again tonight.

Last walk Fred and I had on our jackets for sure and still made quick work of his business.

Just a left over from yesterday.
Hope everyone is staying warm and cozy.
Good Night All


  1. Hi Jo, we got about as much as the picture you posted. My goodness this is cold. I am beginning to wonder if I am in the correct state?! Surely it will warm up SOON.

  2. Good morning JMD,
    I hope this is the end of this. Bring on the spring already.
    Have great day.

  3. My sister, on Long Island NY, got a big dump of snow with the last snow storm that hit. She said it melted and was gone pretty quick. One year they went through a terrible time all winter long. It would snow, melt, and turn to ice, then start the whole cycle, again day after day. It was miserable.

    I've been gone long enough to still think I would love the first snow fall. I used to think I could smell it. Even in the middle of the night, Rich and I would go out and put the first foot prints--enjoying the winter wonderland. Of course it was always back to reality and the snow shovels!

  4. I think it's time to get back to Tucson weather, what do you think?

  5. Hello Nancy,
    Yes it is exciting to see it coming down and I love that it just goes away so quickly. But we have had a very cold winter and rainy. Of course we always need the winter rains as the summer. But as far as the cold it can stay up north and on the East Coast.

    Have a great day and good healing power.

    Hi John,
    I think that too.

    Glad to see you this morning.

  6. Well? after a couple days of yuckiness ... it is gorgeous today! but cold.

    Cleaning out computer files ~ I've got stuff stored from 2002! stuff migrated over from my old laptop ... what fun though looking at stuff I decided at the time to keep... some I've still decided to keep... pretty silly stuff.

    BUT got rid of a bunch of stuff too.... that's one advantage I guess of bad weather... poor ol Fred... having to potty outside. ;)

  7. We were cold last night in Yuma, but at least it did not snow !!

    Thank you for all your comments on our blog !!

    We will sort through all this emotional side of snowbirding, and figure out what is best for us.

    Take care Jo ... TnT

  8. Unbelievable!! Az has gone artic!

  9. Hello TnT,
    I forgot you had moved on to Yuma. It is warmer there. Maybe I will be able to travel up that way next winter if all my plans work out.
    Hope you are able to get it worked out best for yourselves also.

    You both take care too.

    He Cyn,
    It is nuts isn't it. By next week we should be back to normal temps.