Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Fred and I went out early since it was supposed to rain.  The clouds were really pretty as you will see.


The temperature started to drop really fast and we went out again.  As I sat here reading blogs my sister called about 11:30 to ask what I thought of the snow. HUH?  I turned and boy was it snowing and really hard too.  Sometimes faster and heavier and then slow. The flakes were really large.  About 1pm it stopped. But by 1:30 it was snowing again. It kind of rains and then snows and sometimes both at the same time.  It is really cold out there too. Heater keeps coming on.

 You can see how quickly the snow melts here and the rain helped Just love the snow only on the west side if the Cacti is left

About 1:45 the snow stops and so does the rain. But we have lots of very dark clouds. Most of the snow has melted.  I think the last time it snowed like this was back in 1992.

Sure glad I filled the feeders this morning. Lots of quail out there and of course doves, sparrows, woodpeckers and the tiny little humming birds. I hear little green is down the road at another feeder these days.

After taking quite a few pictures and down loading I started to have trouble again like the other day.  But now it said that the disk needed to be formatted so I hit format and nothing happened the next time it said disk was now locked.  Another WTH?  So I took one out of the Kodak and it worked just fine.  I knew I had bought an extra disk when I bought the Kodak. I looked in the case and there it was.  I put the new one in the canon and it is working just fine.  That disk was at least 4 yrs. old. Took many pictures over the years with it. It served me well.

Got Fred out to do his business. It took some doing but I was going to make sure he got done so he doesn’t wake me up at 4 am like the last time.

Started snow again around 5:10 not hard but flurries.
Many more pictures but will post tomorrow.
Good Night All


  1. WTH is right, that's just plain wrong. 84 here today, but the wind has been relentless. Hope you weather gets more spring like.

  2. Good morning John,
    Yes it is WRONG! I will be cold for the next few days then they promise warmer temps. I will believe it when I feel it.
    Have a great day

  3. That's the only kind of snow I like,,watching it fall, then going away....

  4. Hi Trouble,
    Yes me too. Its gone for the most part but it is very cold now.
    Can we say SPRING!

  5. Well? it is wrong but your pictures are very pretty, Jo... train Fred to use a litter box. That's one thing about having a cat ... no getting out in bad dude weather ... get the flushable kind of litter.. scoop it out and flush ...

    easy peasy

    little green is a fair weather feeder at your feeder? well!

  6. Hi Carolyn,
    Glad you like the pictures. I ran from when end to the other of my property to get them LOL I don't like the idea of flushing that stuff down these old pipes. But that would be a great idea.
    guess little green didn't like the new food I bought so she moved on down the street. Such a snob.
    Getting ready to go out into the world need to get great grand baby a jacket and some clothes.

  7. Great pictures, Jo. Heavy rain headed our way--the TV and my bones tell me so. Thank goodness they don't expect ice. Scratches and pats to Fred.

  8. Hello Nancy,
    Yes are bones are better meteorologists than the true ones LOL
    Stay warm and cozy and give Jack a good pat from Fred and I