Monday, February 11, 2013

Rain, Rain and Snow

This morning the sun was out shining like crazy. 
Fred and I went for a nice long walk and it felt great. We did good and I planned on taking another one in the afternoon. Well I sat here for awhile reading blogs and chatting with a friend when I realized it was getting darker, sun was gone. Then came the wind. I knew then the day was not going to be friendly to us for our second walk.

About 20mins later it started to rain like crazy. And it hasn't stopped all day.

Around 5 pm reports of snow started coming in from around town. Never had any here but just about all the mountain ranges did.

I knew Fred needed to go out so I tried to get him out on the carport side. Nope he wasn't having it. I tried the other side of the house where the awning extends pretty far beyond the porch. He came down and and sniffed the wet ground and ran back on the porch. We played this game a few times and I just knew he would not go. I was freezing. He was acting like he was going to bust. So I put his jacket on and I put on mine and out we went again. I closed the gate behind us so he couldn't run back on the porch. I guess the jacket helped some but he was still being stubborn. I guess his bladder won and he finally went and made a beeline for the porch steps. I figured it was good and we went back in the house and he headed for the nearest heater vent to lay on.
You can barely see the outline of the mountain. This is not that high up either.

I am not going down there mom, its raining
This smells like rain to me

OK this is better

But this still smells like rain lets go inside now

Just for a few minutes did the mountain show

Little Green showed up around 5pm and boy did she fight off the male
sparrows for this spot she is one tough lady.
Wind was blowing the feeder all over the place

Gamble Quail showed up for a meal too

Read this on the news today.
Mountain Dew is not a soda it is considered a juice since it has 5% juice.
Hope everyone is staying warm in the colder places this evening.
Good Night All


  1. yay! little green ;) and doesn't Fred look spiffy ... HAhaaaa

    rain rain go away ... at least you didn't get the snow. There is some in the forecast for her Wednesday ... don't care

    got food NOT chicken pot pie and soup though ... ;)

    1. oh, and Mountain Dew? that stuff'll kill ya...

  2. Fred is smart enough to know weather he doesn't like. Can't say I blame him for wanting to stay in.

  3. We even got a little snow ...I am ready for some warmer weather!

  4. Good morning Carolyn,

    That little green is something else. There is ice all over the place this morning. But the sun is shining and not any clouds. But that soup sure tasted good last night.Maybe the bad weather will go somewhere else.

    Hi John,
    Yes he is a smart little guy except I sure wasn't going to let him pottie in the house. His jacket did the trick it must be nice and warm and keeps any little splashes off him.

    Hello Sheryl,
    I haven't seen the mountains yet but heard they got lots of snow. That will keep the skiers happy.

    You all have a wonderful day today.

  5. it was snowing when we left Nogales yesterday about 6:30 pm! Glad to see Little Green is still around and doing well. Izzy and Joe agree with Fred on the "don't want to get my feet wet"!

  6. Hello Sunny,
    What a day to go to Nogales. Lucy got snow out where she lives all day and the Lucky Ducks did too as they are now on Lucy's husbands property out there somewhere.

    I think our pups are pretty smart.

  7. Love Fred's outfit, jo. I can never figure Jack out. He'll jump in any lake, stream, ocean with wild abandon, but hates to go out in the back yard when it's raining. I make him go, but he clings to the house because the rain won't "get" him while under the eaves! Then, it's a battle of the wits usually ending with him braving it to run out and go because he knows I'm waiting with a towel at the door--he loves that part. They sure are entertaining. :)

    Love the beach background.

  8. Hello,
    Good to see you on my blog again. I think this means you are getting better bit by bit.
    Yes they are entertaining. We have lots of birds at the feeders but the Gila Woodpeckers are a real pain. So I open the door he runs out gives a bark and runs back in. So proud of himself. But he also scares all the birds hahah

  9. Poor Fred. My dogs are like that, too... you would think that the rain would kill them from the way they shy away from it.

    LOVE your new header photos, and commiserated with your dreary, cold weather pictures.

    But am so happy that Little Green is thriving. Also loved the quail photos.

    Unbelievable that 5% juice can turn a drink from junk to juice.

  10. Hi tinycamper,

    Yes he is so mistreated haha. If it had snowed he would be right out there running around like a crazy. But now rain not Fred.

    I took the header a few years ago but that's what it has been looking like again this winter.
    It is unbelievable about the Mountain Dew and I bet plenty of people will fall for that too.