Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Sun Is Back!

This morning it was freezing cold and lots of ice and frost.
Fred woke me up at 4 am because he wouldn't do his last
outs. I sure couldn't blame him. It was raining so hard I
couldn't believe it. I made him run out the door onto the side
of the carport I sure wasn't going out there. He did his thing
and ran back in. He thought  it was time for a treat but I
ordered back to sleep. He complied and we went back to
to sleep.

Got up about 7am and we did it up right. We sure did bundle
up. And made quick work of it too. This time he got his good
boy treat and I got my nice hot cup of coffee. About 11 am we
bundled up again and went for a nice long walk. It was still
very cold but we went on.

The Gila Woodpecker's have been a real pain. They are
draining the humming bird feeders faster than I can fill them
and now they are attacking the seed feeders too. They make
so much noise it's like saying I'm here what about it. So I
spring open the door and off they go. When I hear them not
so close I open the door and tell Fred get em, he dashes out
the door and is looking everywhere. He then charges to the
end of the porch and gives one bark and runs back to the
door and into the house. He is so proud of himself. I tell him
what a good boy he is and he is in heaven.

Made a run to the store today to pick up a few things. But
That was it not much more going on. Just to cold. Picked up
my mail I'm sure that will make the mail person very happy.

These are the mountains that couldn't be seen yesterday.
There is a light dusting of snow on them and a little fog.

Hope every one is doing OK with their weather .

Good Night All 


  1. lol .... Fred's soooo easy. well, and so the woodpeckers are a PIA ... I think that's funny ... rascal birds ... Fred's got his work cut out for him... I can just see this scenario... oh, me.

    Our weather here after today! is supposed to be sunny ~ nippy but sunny.

    good night, Jo ;)

  2. Fred is your super duper guard dog. He doesn't look the part, but I guess he works undercover.

  3. Good morning Carolyn,
    Bundle up nice a warm. It's 30 degrees here right now and it should go up to 63 they say. We shall see. The sun is just starting to rise and the sky is clear. I hope it keeps warming up for tomorrow going to visit the ducks.

    Hello John,
    Yes Fred has to be undercover no place to pin a badge.

    Thank you both for coming.

  4. Your doggie fred is a doll, not too big and barks and tries to get those dadblasted woodpeckers. Happy Valentine's day to you and fred..We have friends/neighbors who will be moving to Tucson thinking it will be hot all the time, are they in for a shock, it sounds like it gets cold a lot there in your so called winters, just drier than here..Have a most wonderful rest of the week, I read your blog daily, it makes my day so bright. Ciao mjs from vancouver washington we have over 200 days of clouds and crap weather, mostly moss grows in the yard, we are forever fighting the dadblased moss, people move here but no jobs, misery of food shortages, I work in a food pantry run by a minister and his wife, I don't belong to the church he ministers too, but I help out, it is not for people who don't have jobs, but many think so...ciao!

  5. Thank you for volunteering, places like this always need some kind of help.
    this has been an unusually cold winter. This time of year we get rain but not so much cold and snow.
    When will your friend be coming? Summers are HOT! I leave the up north.

  6. I got so tickled at Fred being so proud of being given a job to do!

    The mountains are beautiful.

    Our rain is supposed to be over tomorrow, but then it will turn colder.

    I am so longing for spring!

  7. Hi tinycamper,
    Yes he is so proud of himself and even funnier is watching him strut about..

    Yes a little spring would be nice. But here would could go straight to high 90's.