Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sunny And A Little Warmer

I just lost a finished post. Wouldn't let me publish and then asked if I wanted to leave the page. I clicked on leave this page and it wouldn't leave.
Had to leave the Internet to get rid of it.

So anyway we did 2 long walks today and filled feeders and hung out a new one. Yesterday I noticed a Pyrrhuloxia trying to get to the feeder but the landing post was to small. So I picked up a square feeder with larger landing bars. Hope to see him again and get a picture.

It warmed up some today and I think it may have hit about 58. Tomorrow it will be in the mid 60's and that will be great. Hope we can eat lunch on the patio. Meeting the owners of The Good Luck Duck for lunch along with Lucy.

Good Night All


  1. oh, lord! I know that's not funny ... but it is funny... I've had that happen ... sometimes if you reboot ... it will pick up where you left off and sometimes not.

    I was previewing a post before clicking on Publish ... then clicked the X to close it ONLY I wasn't on preview... lol .. lost the whole damn thing! jeeeeez

    Did I tell you I get distracted easily? Fortunately, it was a short post about the UPdate thingy but still... maddening.

    A Pyrrhuloxia? I'm gonna google that...

    Well Hey to the Ducks! haven't met Lucy but hey to her too ;)

  2. Glad to see the warmer weather coming back. Have fun tomorrow with TGLD! We were out shopping today (again). Brother gets his awning put on his RV on Friday, then its out camping for us. Until then I will be finishing up on a couple paintings.

  3. Oh how fun!! Enjoy the time with the Ducks AND Lucy! Glad the weather will be warming back up a bit. Sorry about the lost post though. That is frustrating.

  4. It's about time things warmed up a bit out there, now you can get out and grab some sunshine and Fred won't be so reluctant.

  5. I do hope the Desert Cardinals make to where we live since I haven't seen one. Managed a couple peeks at red cardinals but not too many yet. Probably lack of food and the cold weather hasn't exactly been enticing to us or the critters. We are suppose to be a balmy 60 today and I will take it!

  6. Good morning Carolyn,

    Something happened to that computer like some virus and it just hasn't been all cleared out. Next week I will be having it cleared out for sure.

    The pyrrhuloxia is in the Cardinal family I love to hear them sing. We also have the Red Cardinal but you don't see them to much unless you go further out.

    I'll pass your hey to the Ducks an Lucy.

    Hello Sunny,
    Yes it is nice to be getting sun and warmer temps.
    Have you decided where the first camp out will be?
    Can't wait to see the new paintings.

    Hi Cyn,
    Yes it will be a good day to sit on the patio for lunch and feel the sun.

    I knew the computer still needed more work but since I can be a slacker that's what happens. So back to the laptop and the smaller screen.

    Hello John,

    Oh it feels good to be out in the sun. And yes Fred likes to be out on the porch guarding against the woodpeckers. When he gets bored he just barks at the other birds for good measure and to watch them scatter.

    Hi JMD,
    I'm suprised you don't have more Cardinals out there. But it could be the cold kept them away.
    60s where in a heat wave!

    Thank you everyone for stopping by.

  7. Lost my post too, yesterday, but I didn't redo it.

  8. Wow I always thought of Tucson as blazing hot of course I only visited in july and august and september and it was so hot I thought i would burn up..Sorry bout the computer, they are touchy little buzzrds indeed. Love your blog, Fred sounds so sweet and looks even sweeter! Have a wonderful time with Lucy and with Fred too. ciao

  9. Hello Anon,
    You visited at a really bad time of year for sure.
    Now that I don't work anymore I clear out of here around mid April - mid Oct.

    Thank you for commenting about Fred he is a sweetie. I'll let him know you think hes a sweet heart.