Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wonderful Day

Didn't have much time to mess around this morning.
Had to get ready for fun day. Lucy arrived around 9:30 and headed for the north side of
town I was gabbing away and the next thing I knew I drove right past the turn and 
 I was headed east. So got back on tract and got to the eye glass place picked up my new
 glasses and ordered another pair for close work.

We had time to spare so Lucy spotted  a Sprouse Grocery Store. I had never been in one
before and I was amazed at the things they had for sale. Their produce was beautiful and
very well priced. They just had so many things that you just don't find in regular stores.
Then it was time to meet Roxanne and Anne at Gavinda's. We sat out on the patio and it was
such a relaxed atmosphere with the fountain running and lots of fun. We came back to my
house and sat on the porch for a few hours and ate the most wonderful chocolate covered
strawberry's made by Lucy. Had some wine to go with them. Well 2 drank wine and 2 of us
stuck with water. We won't mention any names.

But we sure had fun and laughed lots.

All pictures take where at Gavinda's, the food is vegetarian but today was strictly
vegan. And is buffet and all you can eat.

Roxanne, Lucy and Anne

Just had to get a picture of this tree it's huge
 Water spirts out of the fishes mouths

I tried to get them to talk but they were to busy preening

I could not get over the size of these Koi, Lucy and I thought they would be fun to
fish for. But Lucy said they make terrible eating way to many bones

Look at the rail on this guy. Was hoping he would open it up but no dice
Hope you all had a Happy Valentines Day
Good Night All


  1. Another fun day! Everyone looks great & oh, those strawberries. Toooo good looking! I live with 2 peacocks, although they are still under a year old, so haven't grown their beautiful plummage yet. And then there's Nikki, the blue & gold macaw. I can record some screaming for you! And he meows & barks & has phone convos, etc..
    Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Glad your weather finally turned around, I'll bet you are happy to be able to get out without freezing.

  3. Hi Cyn,
    Yes we had a great day. Lots of laughs too. Fred was happy to host everyone on his porch that needed cleaning really bad but we still enjoyed.
    And OH those strawberrys and decorated so pretty it was almost hard to eat them, but alas we did a good job. Thanks to Lucy on those.

    I'll pass on the parrot screeching thanks haaha

    Hello John,
    Yes the weather is great right now perfect temps for being outside Living The Good Life for sure

  4. Eating Koi??? JO? what kind of person.... such a beautiful fish. haha man?

    What a beautiful place that is and beautiful weather and food and chocolate strawberries... sheeee boy

    two had water, huh... HAHAaaa... Lucy is giving the peace sign ... that's nice.

    The Ducks look to be in fine fettle and glad you all had a beautiful day... what fun!

    As regards the Scamp and the Class C ... I've met the Class C and the little Scamps are very cute! I'm anxious to see the Living Lite trailers... but as I've said.. I'm going to get that 5th wheel over and out! so help me! I mean it... sigh

  5. Those peacocks are the screamers. Wouldn't ever have them. Neighbors had them but we could hear them way too good.

  6. Hi Carolyn,

    Yes we had a ball. They are great people. Lucy was being a brat with the peace sign. Silly girl.

    No we wouldn't eat the Koi. Just kidding but I bet to catch a bass or trout that size could feed alot of people. So pretty too.

    I can't wait to hear what you think of the Living Lite. And yes we both have to sell off what we have first.

    Hi Trouble,
    I had a neighbor who had one of those things, first time I heard it thought someone was screaming for help. Stupid thing scared the crap outa me.