Monday, February 4, 2013

Second Apinion

Went to the Eye Center for my second opinion on this
eye problem. Barb and Kathy went along so Barb didn't have
to wait out there by herself.
It was the same diagnosis as the first on. The breaking down
of the Vitreous. It creates a jelly that floats around behind the
eye. You usually won't notice it if you have a cataract. So
since I had it removed I can see it. When the left eye needs
to be done I will then notice it there as well. And there is
a surgery that can correct it but they said you really don't
want to go through that. Oh joy. But they did say I needed
glasses so those were picked out and ordered.

By time we got out of there we all needed to eat and we headed to Sweet Tomato. I love salads with all kinds of stuff added
especially when you don't have to cut all that stuff up. Also
had a small cup of Irish Potato soup. WOW that was great.

Not much else as once home I stayed in and tried to keep
my eyes closed as much as possible until they no longer
were dilated.

I am going to try and take a ride somewhere tomorrow and t
take some pictures. Its time to get out and breath.

Good Night All


  1. Well at least now you know the problem and can deal with it however you feel comfortable handling it.

  2. Good mornin John.

    Yes getting a second opinion was important to me. And the fact that the other one said I didn't need glasses baffeled me. Even if they aren't very strong they help over ride the blur. I do feel better about things even though there isn't any easy fix but knowing I won't go blind helps a lot.

  3. Sorry to hear about the eye problem, but at least now you know what all it is.

    You take care, sweetie!

  4. Hi My Special Freind,

    Thank you and yes at least now I know for sure. They said they glass will help some.

    Nice to see you hear. Just noticed I spelt Opinion wrong in the header. :(P

  5. well bummer on your eye problem ... but the glasses will help, right?

    I love salads too and especially if you don't have to cut it all up ... I did that this morning.

    Irish potato soup? what makes it Irish? sounds wonderful... the Irish do do potatoes well! haha

    I hope you do get out and play and breathe... that's how I feel sometimes.. I just want to go and breathe somewhere. not much to ask. ;)

    pretty day here today ~ after days of gray!

    I say let's have a stellar evening... !

  6. Hi Carolyn,
    Getting way to lazy sitting here. I didn't go out to take pictures but did go out with some friends for a late lunch early dinner.
    The day was so beautiful and I wasted it. Not tomorrow for sure.

  7. Jo, so sorry to hear of the eye diagnosis. Hope the new glasses make a nice difference for you.

  8. Hi tinycamper,
    Thank you, it was really all about getting a second opinion and I am glad I did. Not that happy about it but at least I am sure and I will not worry about it anymore. I think the glasses will help for the distance as it helps for reading and computer.
    thanks for stopping by.