Monday, March 11, 2013

Enough Work

The weather is really going to be nice for the next 7 days.
So enough working in the house. It's time to be outside.

I will spray some new weeds in the morning and then do
what ever I can get into outdoors.

Keeping an eye on the weather up north. The days are in
the uppers 50's during the day but the nights are still low
30's. That is not good they need to be closer to the 40's
so there is no chance of freezing pipes. I picked out some
dishes to take up north and put them in a box. The box will
be a good size for packing DVDs, books and CDs.

Not much else to report.

Good Night All


  1. Just got to know, what are you planning to spray on the weeds this time?
    Frozen pipes are to be avoided.

  2. Good morning John,

    I found the problem and the other container of weed killer. I keep the bug stuff in a cabinet and I have no idea why I moved it. Oh well now I know and I have put the bug spray back where it was.

    Yes frozen pipes are to be avoided at all costs.

  3. Yesterday was great! I did the same as you and was out assessing the winter damage. Several of the plants did not make it through the extended cold spell. Managed to get them tossed, some other plants trimmed up from the frost damage. Fortunately more plants lived than died. Sigh. Today is suppose to be 81! Hooray.