Tuesday, March 12, 2013

They Live, They Live

I was sitting around drinking coffee when my Baby Girl called and asked if I had my breakfast yet. Nope I sure haven't and I haven't showered yet either. She asked if I wanted to go with her to breakfast. So I jumped in the shower and was ready when she got here. We had a good breakfast and talked about some things. Then she needed to get to work so home we headed.

I took Fred for a walk and we enjoyed it so much the weather was just beautiful.

After the freeze we had a few weeks ago I thought I lost my Azalea bush but I kept watering it anyway. Today after I sprayed more weeds. I was out on the porch and look at this:

This little orange flower was from a bush that was huge before the
freeze as you can see from all the dead brown it looked like a goner
But it is also coming back so I cleaned up all the dead stuff

Hope everyone is having a great week weather wise too.
Good Night All


  1. You must have a green thumb to bring a plant back from the dead is an accomplishment. Very pretty colors.

  2. Beautiful plant - glad it survived. I'm also glad that the weather has finally gotten better for you!! It's been pretty nice here.

  3. Good morning John,
    I didn't hold much hope for it.

    Hi Cyn,
    I love these plants and I brought it home from up north so it wouldn't die and almost lost it here.
    I hope the orange one gets stronger and bigger as well.

  4. Nothing like fresh flowers newly bloomed, to remind us of Spring!

  5. Hello Jim,
    Yes the colors are so vivid makes you want to smile be out there exploring.

  6. nothing quite as good as a grown up baby daughter to take you to breakfast. I am the recipient of that particular wonder as well, so I know from experience. Love the azalea

  7. Hello Sue,
    Isn't it wonderful to be treated instead of treating.
    I love azalea's too. Had lots of them back in NJ all colors.

  8. GORGEOUS flowers!!!! So glad they lived!

  9. Hello tinycamper,
    Thank you I'm happy too.
    Hope your feeling much better.