Saturday, March 9, 2013

Good Day For A Clean Out

I have had my dad's papers now for a few years. Last week
I figured it was time to shred them and get rid of more things.
It was cold and rainy today a perfect day to continue the job.
All the tax papers are now gone. Like I said I had started last
week. Then I found lots of my own paper that needed to go
now too. Then there was booklets to things that no longer
exist. The file cabinet is nearly empty now so one more
clean out and it will be empty and removed from the house.
Then the small file drawer that is attached to the desk will
get a clean out too.
It is a good feeling to get rid of things that have no use
any longer.

Tomorrow calls for better weather but still a little chilly.
Maybe I will finish as the weather is starting to call for
much higher temps. And that spells play time.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Good Night All


  1. It is a good feeling to empty the files and clean the desk. I always found warranty papers seemed to stick around more than five years after the product was long gone.

  2. Good morning John,
    It's amazing how these books and warrantys seem to last longer than the item.

  3. It sure does feel good to clean things out and get rid of stuff that has been sitting around way too long. We have lots of that stuff at our house that we have to get after very soon. Hope you have a great Sunday!

  4. Hello kcgaz,
    I held on to my dad's stuff because I didn't know whether or how long I should have it just in case any questions came up. I think it was safe now to shred.
    You have a wonderful day too.

  5. One can find a lot of things one can live without that have no use whatsoever, I say a clean house is a tidy happy house, of course I just got rid of 45 bags of clothes to goodwill and many things to the shelter for battered women to use, I have advocated for them for many years..I feel great..Love your blog, I always thought Tuscon was hot and more hot, I read from your blog daily it ain't necessarily so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Anon,
    Yes we tend to keep things that just might be good for something one day. Donating is a great way to recycle things. And the womens shelter is a wonderful thing for these women and the children.

    Well it will get plenty hot here soon and I will be on the road to higher elevations middle of April.
    Thanks for stopping in.