Friday, March 8, 2013

Watching The Storm Roll In

The clouds moved in an out this morning. But it wasn't bad out until around 9:30 am
when the wind came. There were wind gusts of 54 MPH and I'm sure higher. Forecast is still
for high winds through the night. Sometimes it rained really hard and then just drizzle or
nothing. The temps rose and fell all day.

Have a small water leak in the line that was connected to the swamp cooler I tried to crimp
it off but it still leaked. I called one of my neighbors to see if he could figure it out. I really
hate wasting water even if I don't pay for it directly. He managed to take off what looked
like the offending part. I went and bought a cap  and put it on. There still seems to be a
problem I will have to call in a plumber to change out the entire set up. What a pain. I
hate having issues with water.

Have a great weekend

Good Night All


  1. I agree, plumbing leaks are a pain. Hope you get it fixed soon.

  2. Great cloud pictures Jo, too bad they indicate mor rotten weather.

  3. Good morning Teri,
    I should have had that part removed when I had the work done in the fall. Oh well now I have no choice the cooler doesn't work anymore either.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hello John,
    It did bring some nasty weather with it indeed. So far the sun is shining but should get more rain later today.
    Have a great day.