Thursday, April 18, 2013

Another Shift In Plans

The nice people at the RV Park called me today to up date Mother Nature. Friday night
will be 19 degrees. Guess who isn't leaving tomorrow.

In a way that is much better as I will miss the work force traffic trying to get out of town.
and Sat. night's temp will be in the 30's. Much friendlier temps.

By 9:30 am this morning bed had been stripped, mattress vacuumed, all bedding washed,
hot water turned on vacation, furnace shut down, Fred's pillows and pillow covers washed,
car loaded, coffee maker cleaned with vinegar, Sat will empty fridge stuff. I have plants that are going up sitting on the steps.

Am I tired OH YES!

I'll stop and top off gas and get the car washed. And now I will have to take a  warm
shower and have no coffee. I hear Mc D's has good coffee. No I will just make my own.

Good Night All


  1. More plans made in jello. At least you have all the prep done, hope the weather starts cooperating.

  2. As the old saying goes, when it pours!

    Don't worry! Things will get better!

  3. well boo and hiss, Jo... 19! I"m complaining about 38 tonight...

    Well? when you get there what a relief it will be and so you'll be even more appreciative... ;) ha?

    I kinda like that feeling of anticipation ... don't like delays but ... and indeed McDs has great coffee ... senior discount too ... you old? I forget...

    I've had Egg McMuffins and their coffee from here to there.

    I'm anxious to see your place in Pinetop...

  4. Good morning John,
    Why the name change?
    Of course it's kind of chilly this morning and no heat.

    Hello Jim,
    That's OK I won't get tied up in the work force traffic.

    Hey Carolyn,
    Yes great roller coaster ride this week. But Sat. will be a crazy day. I need to get things in the trailer secured before they move it to its new larger space. I am so excited about this move. I decided to keep the trailer for awhile longer and enjoy it. If a van comes along or a truck with a shell then I will see about that.

    Yes I'm old haahah. But hell I made me a pot of coffee, one use won't do much.