Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Did Not Buy That Van

I went over a few things I wanted and it had none of those things. It was too dirty, to stinky
and to short. And he wouldn't come down in price which was a good thing I guess.

Anyway I am excited to be leaving here on Friday. My leave date changed 3 times in about
2 hrs. There will be some changes there for me. But I can't say what as of yet. Maybe I
won't sell after all. So like I said I am excited. The car is pretty much packed since I was
ready to leave last week. Not much more to do. Want to pull out as early as possible to
avoid the working crowd on the road out of Tucson. That's why I like to leave on Sat.
or Sundays.

Tomorrow I will do my goodbyes to some friends. Have run to an RV store to try and
find those orange blocks for the wheels. Good old Wally World didn't have any. I may just
wait until I get there. The ones under the tires belong to some one else and I want to
return them.

Picked up a few new toys for Fred today, treats and a small bad of food since nobody
ever keeps up the shelves and I couldn't reach the larger bag. And of course there was
no one to be found.

It was quite chilly here today and should be tomorrow too. Of course the jeans are in
the car already. Guess I'll have to drag a pair out tomorrow because it will be cold up
there for sure.

Good Night All


  1. yeah, glad you passed on the van. glad you're excited... that's important. seriously. anything that we can do to excite us and make us smile and .... just move along with this life business... is a good thing

    'night ;)

  2. Probably a very wise choice on the van. Safe travels on Friday and keep warm.

  3. Good morning Carolyn,
    Yes already stripped the bed and moving along. I already have visions of what I'm going to do or at least home to do. Like you and your yard. Fun things or a fun summer.

    Hi John,
    I think so too. It can wait it has for the past year. Lots of warm clothes up there. :)

    Thank you both for coming along this morning.

  4. I think you made the right decision, Jo. You don't want to have buyers remorse. Sounds like you're going to have a good time. Tuscon traffic made me laugh. Obviously, you've never been to Atlanta or any of the cities in the east. Madness! Enjoy your trip. Looking forward to reading about your adventure.

  5. Sending a bunch of virtual balloons to release to celebrate your launch.... Happy Trails !!

  6. Hello Nancy,
    Oh I'm sure I made the right choice in that van. No doubt about it.
    You take care.

    Hi klbexplores,
    Thanks for the balloon send off what fun.

    Thank you for joining in on the send off.

  7. Always go with your gut feeling on things like the van! When the right one comes along, you'll know it!

    Be safe, sweetie!

  8. Hello Jim my friend,
    Yes and I think I will end the search for now. Heading out in the morning for Pinetop. Yes it is very cold up there but going anyway.