Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What To do?

I drove the van today and had my mechanic check it out. They think it is in fair condition
no real problems. But it is really dirty inside and when I got home I reeked of old cigarettes
and dirt. Blue book is $2,000. And he insists on $2,500. I don't have time to give it a really
good cleaning right now.  It has the larger of the V6 so it has plenty of guts for climbing a
mountain. If I buy it I may have to leave later on next week so I can clean the inside and
get it dry before I leave.
So I guess I'll sleep on it and make up my mind tomorrow for sure.

The wind was blowing hard again today and the allergies are really starting to effect every
one. Polo verdes are in bloom with there pretty yellow flowers and lots of bees.
I sure hope the wind stops really soon.

I got the bed pillows washed today so Friday it will be the rest of the bedding. Need to
clean out the shop vac so I can use it to vacuum under the bed. Uprights just don't cut it.

Good Night All


  1. No need to rush a decision, better to sleep on it.

  2. Good idea sleeping on your decision. I might push him a bit on Blue Book, especially since it need a major cleaning. Good luck.

  3. We've had both regular vans and high top vans for traveling. I'd never go back to a regular van for camping as the difference in comfort is amazing. Our last van was a Ford and it developed major problems with the steering unit and front end. Hope whatever you decide, it works out great for you.

  4. I would pay the $20 and run a vin check (carmax, I think) to see if there is any accident history.

  5. aw rats ... as badly as you want a van ~ if it didn't 'grab' you ... I wouldn't buy it ~ especially being that dirty ... the embedded cigarette smoke would gag me trying to sleep... just can't get rid of that smell unless you paint or totally redo the inside.

    no, I don't like it. maybe for $1500 ... naw... I want my own dirt not someone else's who obviously didn't take care of his van.

  6. Good morning Teri,
    I'm glad I slept on it after scrubbing my skin an hair like a mad woman.

    Hi John,
    He won't budge and I won't either. NEXT!

    Hello Granny,
    Thank you I needed to hear someone weight that out for me. I'm not very tall but still couldn't stand up.
    Thank you for stopping in and welcome.

    Hi Sheryl,
    Not going to bother with it.

    Hello Carolyn,
    Your right not going to jump into anything. That smell gave me such a bad headache. No matter how many times I scrubbed myself I still smelled that nasty oder. That would take a car cleaning company to get rid of that mess.

    Thank You all for your comments.

  7. You were wise to sleep on it. The right one may be just around the corner. I hope so, Jo. Fair condition on the engine I'd be afraid of. My truck is an 04--lots of dog hair inside which would turn some people off, but I've been religious about maintenance on the engine. Detailed every year except last year. I need to get it done.

  8. Hi Nancy and Jack,
    Yes the dirty part was a big turn off. I called my mechanic after I left the guys house. He said if he wouldn't come down let it go. I did. Even if he would have I might be kicking myself big time right now.
    I know dog hair could turn people off but at least it doesn't stick to high heaven. I keep my car well maintained also. I have all records.

    Thank you for stopping by.

  9. Hi Jo, glad you turned this one down. Thinking you can find something better for a reasonable price. I made it home last Sat night. Catching up on some blog reading a little at a time. Hard to believe its as cold there as here in PA :D

  10. Glad you said no...a bad deal is worse than no deal at all. Give yourself time to get back to the mountain...sometimes lately our assets are turning into our liabilities! I was thinking as I was jogging today...that van sounds like a money pit to me.

  11. Hi Sunny,
    So glad to hear from you and that you made it home safe. Yes I have waited this long and will just keep looking. I'm leaving Friday. My leave date change 3 times in about 2 hrs. LOL It snow there today but by Friday it should be fine.

    Hi Sheryl,
    Yes I just didn't like anything about it the more I thought about it. Not jumping into anything.

    Thank you both for stopping in.

  12. Jo, not being able to stand up to get dressed will get really old fast. I'd hold out for a high top.

    Also, my feeling is that is a vehicle is really dirty, then the parts you can't see probably haven't been taken care of very well either.

    You need a reliable vehicle that you could enjoy camping in. I'd pass on this one.

    But feel free to disregard my opinions. You might be able to get this one fixed up to a standard you could enjoy. :)