Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bisbee, AZ

Liz and Patsy off to work in the mineI Thought I would never get this post done. Pictures wouldn't
download. Cleaned up system that didn't work. Somehow the
download was changed to windows.  The computer is acting
strange so let me get on with it.

Liz made a wonderful breakfast this morning that we ate
outside it was that nice this morning.

I went to take a shower and someone had moved the shower
head and it came right out at me. Good thing I had left
my clean close on the shelf away from the shower stall.
Liz lent me some sheets that fit the bed as last night was
not very comfortable.

Well off we went to Bisbee. Liz n Patsy went on the mine
tour. I waited outside and took some pictures and soaked
up some sun.

After the tour in the mine I gave them a tour of Bisbee and
surrounding towns.  We had lunch at a nice little place called

Pictures wouldn't download correctly on blogger either.
This was the second try and they went where they wanted
and how.

Tonite we had a large heard of Mule Deer right here in the
park. Couldn't get more pictures downloaded so I better give
up before I break something.

Good Night All


  1. Hi Jo... sounds like a great day except for the blankety blank picture doings... frustrating I know.

    What fun and again with great fun pals... so envious of that!

  2. Blogger has been giving me a bad time as well! Wish it would work all the time!

    Glad the weather is good for the trip!

  3. Good Morning Carolyn,
    We have been having a wonderful time. I wish you could have met someone to travel with. But I really know now that I want my own rig. The Cabin is great but the no water thing is a hassle. But the potty has been great.

    Hello Jim My Special One,
    Yes and being out here the crappy mifi from verizon has been spotty at best. But I can always post more pictures when I get home not that verizon works any better there.

    Thank you both for a visit this morning

    1. morning, Jo... oh, I enjoy traveling alone ~ I'm too independent for traveling WITH someone ... I would just like to enjoy a good ol woman pal to have fun with ... you have such good pals to play with but you maintain separate quarters. that's good stuff

      finding like minded pals is something I've just missed. I am going to stay put for a bit and finally ... maybe ... want to join in in community stuff... dunno

      never been much of a club or joiner type kid. but would sure like to meet a pal to giggle with... been a long time.

      at my age... seems most have gotten so settled or dead or sick ... don't know any who like to just take off and explore. or just giggle for that matter.

      dang! that's sad... lol?

  4. I'm back, sorry I got behind on my reading while on the adventure. Sounds like a good time.