Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Left Tucson around 10am and arrived about 11:30 am.
Made good time.
Weather is nice and cool and started out a little breezy.
Patsy and Liz arrived around 1:30 pm. After they got
set up we went into tombstone for dinner at the Lone Horn.
We walked up an down the street and then did a drive
around the back streets so they could see the town. We also
visited a very old cemetary.

 I am so glad I got this porta potti the restroom is not just across the way. And that is not a twin bed either its queen We shall
see how I manage this tonite they may have to give me
a sheet free of charge.

 Patsy's class c and Liz's class a
 The boots were made for walkin and that just what he's goin to do
Had to leave out some pictures blogger wasn't working very well and lost the first round

Good Night All


  1. A road trip, always fun. Looks like a nice little cabin.

  2. A HS friend lives in Tombstone and runs a B&B. Quail something or other. We visited with her when in the area couple of years ago.

    Of the "old west" towns we've visited, we like Tombstone the best. Dodge City, KS is not much and Deadwood SD has become nothing but fancy casinos.

  3. Good morning Teri,
    Yes cute and glad I brought the potty along the bathroom is way to far for night time use.

    Hello Phyllis,
    It is a cure little town, lots of things are gone including the bank. But there are still things to see and enjoy.

    Thank you both for stopping by

  4. Sounds like you're going to have a grea time. Glad you brought your PP, too. Nice that the cabins allow dogs, right Fred? Most around here don't. Jack says he doesn't care, he'll take his business somewhere else!

  5. Yes... porta potties are a necessity ... what a cute cabin! what fun to get away and especially with pals... sigh ;)

  6. Hello Nancy n Jack,
    We are having a wonderful time.
    Yes Jack some places charge large non refundably pet charges. Your right as alway Jack take our business elsewhere.

  7. Hi Carolyn,
    Yes having a great time and with good friends who know how to have a great time.