Friday, April 5, 2013

More of Fairbanks? Some down sides to the cabin

Arrived back in Tucson around 11am today. Seems like I got here really fast. Why is the return always quicker than the destination you left for?

I hope I have more luck with pictures tonight.
The out house, this must of been a 2 seater it sure was big.
 The school house which is now a museum but was closed
 A few buildings connected as they seem to have had a few purposes

See the square box I wonder if maybe that was the mail drop.
I would like to go back to finish seeing everything.. There is a cemetery down a path. I hope maybe to return in the fall.
Staying in the Cabin was something I had wanted to do for many years after I found them when it was still a KOA.
It has changed hands many time since then. The Lady working the desk has worked there for a very long time. Today new owners were going to take over. She said many changes will be made for the better.
I hope the cleaning staff will be part of that. The room was not cleaned before I arrived. It was covered in dust. The bed was so high I thought I might need a step stool to get on it. The biggest problem was no water. It made brushing my teeth a pain in the neck. I had my own potty which believe me was a blessing and it worked out quite well. I thought I had another cup in my bag but I guess I took it out at home. So I had to use the one that comes with the coffee maker to brush my teeth. Luckily it gets light out earlier now so I could go wash the cup out and do my morning brush in the restroom.  Then there was the huge lizard. I'm not afraid of then but I sure didn't want to share my bed with it either. But he seemed to have either hidden himself very well as I never saw it again. I think the cabins are just fine for 1 night. After that it gets very inconvenient. But we were so busy all the time it kind of made up for the lack of a few things. There also was just a regular chair to sit at the desk, table, shelve thing.
So would I do it again? It depends on how bad I want to go somewhere and still don't have my van. I now know what I need to make it work better so I guess if I had my good friends with me sure.
You all have a wonderful weekend.
Good Night All


  1. oh, I've been in those kind of cabins... layer of dirt .. hate that.. gets my allergies all riled.

    boo hiss on the no water! Also for future reference, I buy those disposable toothbrushes ... no rinse it says, but I do.

    I always carry a gallon in Homer ... oh but it's so hot where you are... well?

    At least you and your pals are fun together... believe me that's wonderful stuff...

  2. Glad you survived the cabin. We each had our adventure this week, but I didn't get to visit with a lizard.

  3. Glad you made it back without incident. I know that lizard is gonna miss you!

  4. Good morning Carolyn,
    Yes lots of dust. I always carry old rags in my car since I started looking for a van so I used it to dust up.
    I brought lots of water along and I thing I only had one bottle left. After the guy tried to find the lizard with a broom he left it behind just in case. Well after he bagged around under the beds the dust bunnies came out so I sweep the room.

    Oh well it was an adventure and I had a great time anyway.

    Hi John,
    We sure did have us an adventure. Nobody can call us boring.

    Hello Jim,
    Thank you. I bet that thing will miss me. :) I just can't believe he got by Fred.

    Thank you all for stopping by.

  5. Hello Kevin and Tracy,
    It was and we had a great time. But I sure need a rest now. LOL

  6. Ugh... I've stayed in some too-rustic cabins before, too. It will make your van even sweeter when you finally find it! :)

  7. Hi tinycamper,
    Yes I'm sure it will. But if I really wanted to go somewhere with my friends I would do it again. :) But will be better prepared.