Monday, April 22, 2013

Move Is Done

I woke up at 5:15am got up dressed nice and warm.
Got the bed made, took out Fred and got started moving
things out of the way put the TV on the bed. And took a
large clay mask off the wall. I was going out the door when
Steve was doing a walk around. He was surprised I was
awake. He said we needed to be ready when Jeff came to
move the trailer. I was just about ready for my last job.
Steve went home to eat breakfast and I disconnected water
brought in slide and disconnected the electric all before
Steve came back. When he got here he took up the jacks.
Lucy came strolling along by then. And we moved a few
things to the side of the lot. Jeff showed up and they got
to moving the trailer. Jeff can move a trailer. I paid Jeff
and off he went to open his Country RV Lot. If anyone is
thinking about buying a rig up here go see Jeff. He isn't
following you all over the place and trying to sell you the
most expensive thing on his lot. He waits for you to come
to him with your questions and choices. And he also
leveled the trailer.

I got right to work setting up the inside. Lucy was bringing
flower pots and then started to empty the shed. The only
thing left to move is the shed and Steve will have someone
come to help with that tomorrow. All was said and done
by 10:30 am.

I was so happy to finally get a nice hot shower and relax
for the rest of the day. I had a nice super too.

After the yard stuff is done tomorrow I will take some
pictures for sure.

Now I will read a few blogs and hit the bed.

Good Night All


  1. Pictures or it didn't happen! :)


  2. Bet you will sleep well tonight! Make sure the camera is charged up.... You will always be glad you documented each step! Happy Home Coming!!

  3. good night, Jo ... sleep well ;)

  4. Sounds like things went smoothly. Patiently waiting for the pictures.

  5. Good morning Erik,
    My friend took the pictures and hasn't sent them to me yet. Believe me it happened my broken body tells me so. :).

    hi klbexplores,
    I sure did sleep well. But since I have been up here I go to sleep so much earlier and wake up before the crack of dawn..

    Good morning Carolyn

    Hi John,
    I'll take some today for sure.

  6. Well, you certainly don't let any grass grow under YOUR feet, Jo. Glad you're moved and settling in and can enjoy your stay. Is Fred all settled in. Funny, Jack has no problem adjusting no matter where we go. Have a great time.

  7. Hello Nancy & Jack,
    I just want to be finished outside now and then buy some flowers and start to enjoy the outdoors and go on some adventures..

    I bring a few of Freds toys and his bed and he is good to go. Of course when we got here there was a basket of toys and he went right for them.