Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shed Moved And Filled

Today was chilly and very breezy. I didn't think the shed was going to get moved. But
it also looked like rain. So early this afternoon Steve and another Jeff came over and
moved the shed. I got busy loading it up and cleaning up the yard.
I need to move the rest of the blocks that create a stand for the drain hose. I hope to also
open the awning and get it tied down.

Picked up some flowers today to start making the yard look less bare.

Saw these horses as I was leaving Home Depot

Starburst Dianthus

The resident ducks, they were here last year  too. Fred was very good about
not barking at them while I took the picture

Tomorrow I will try to put some of the flowers in nicer
pots and arrange things better. Today was enough
loading the shed back up.
Good Night All


  1. Now to make it homey! That is always the fun part!

  2. aw, jeeez, Jo ... it looks great! ducks'n'all...

    g'night ;)

  3. Looks like a nice site. Nice bright flowers, too.

  4. I think it really looks homey! You do good work, sweetie!

  5. Good morning klbexplores,

    The inside is all done and very homey. And once the awning is open it will feel really good outside too. :)

    Hello Carolyn,

    Thank you and the ducks thank you too.

    Hi Teri,

    Thank you Teri I love flowers they bring happy feelings and wonderful smells.

    Hi Jim My Special One,

    Thank you maybe we can sit out on my patio and have coffee someday.

  6. What a beautiful place, in the trees like that. Your flowers are beautiful too.

  7. Hi Trouble,
    Thank you, I just love it up here and flowers don't grow in Tucson in the summer so I go nuts here. :)

  8. You've made your site very pretty and homey. It's go, go, go for you Jo! (notice that rhymed?) I hope you enjoy a wonderful summer--looks like you will. Get in some relaxing time.

  9. Progress is being made. Looks like a real nice setting for your summer home.

  10. Hello Nancy,

    Will post more tonight. Going for more flowers in a little bit.

    See you can right cheers! :)

    Hi John,

    Progress it is. I am going to love this site more than I thought.