Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pine Sap In My Hair!

The morning was looking like some great weather.

I went to the 2nd hand store where I saw the outdoor table.
I had to hagle a  little but I got him down pretty good. I
brought it home and scrubbed it clean. The the wind started
building. I still needed to water the plants and try to get my
shepperds crook or hook into the ground. So I let the water
run on the little tree and it wet the ground around it. I
hammered that thing for quite some time. I finally got it
in all the way and put a large rock on the extended piece.
I will let the ground harden before I hang anything on it.

Walked around with Fred today. Trying to build up my
lungs to the altitude so I can go walking around the lake.

I went in to get some water and relax a bit. Lucy showed up
with a piece of indoor outdoor carpet for the screen room.
Now all I need are some lights. Never thought to bring
some from home. Oh well can't think of everything.

While I was out there turning the water on and putting
up the pole I had to get under the pine tree. When I came
in I thought I smelled very piney. Well that's because I had
a huge blob of pine sap in my hair. I think I finally got it
out with dish soup.

I will put the grill back on the little cart in on the 
left of the above picture. The table is my 2nd
store find. I will be putting some lattice on the
bottom of the trailer soon.

Now for a rest!
Good Night All


  1. So how does pine tar work as a mousse?

  2. very nice, Jo ... really homey ... laugh out loud on the pine sap! I've been around pine trees forever and never had THAT happen...

    g'night ;)

  3. Good morning John,
    I don't know and I really don't think I will try it.

    Hello Carolyn,
    If something stupid can happen it will with me. I think they cut some branches to get the shed in and they are dripping now.Yuck I need to start wearing a hat.

  4. Pine sap is a problem to get out of your hair. We found bar soap to do the best job.

    A little thought to your layout. The heat from the water heater could melt the plastic table and the heat from the grill could effect the fridge and smoke up the inside of the trailer. Maybe relocating the table is in order. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Cooking oil easily removes gum etc from
    your hair.

  6. Pecan trees do the same thing, if you don't have em sprayed for the aphids or whatever they are. Had 6, and a sticky yard.

  7. Hi Rick and Kathy,
    It has already been moved. I bring things in and set them somewhere until I figure out what I want to do. Sure don't want a melted table after hunting this one down for a week.

    Dish soap works pretty good too.
    Thanks for the tips.

    Hello Vlad,
    Yes and so does peanut butter. I could just see the peanut butter not working and then being chased by crazy squirrels.

    Hi Trouble,
    The trees belong to the park, don't know if they spray them or not. But the trimmed branches are the culprit.

  8. Jo, try Rolaids for the altitude problem along with lots of water. You've got your place looking so homey and comfy.

    How about Goo Gone for the sap or will that remove your hair, too? When on my trip, there was something droping from the trees in Chama. I couldn't get it off my truck or trailer. And, they dropped stickers all over Jack and stuck!