Monday, April 29, 2013

Looking For Used Stuff

I was determined to find a used rug for the screen room. I hit
all the usual 2nd hand stores and they were not open. I
found just one and they didn't have anything. Well they did
but not for the patio.

Then I went to Lowe's to look at lawn chairs. I was not
paying those prices and they need to fold. I need them to fold
for winter storage. On to Wally World and found 2 chairs.

Came home and set up the chairs in the screen room.

Fred and I went for  a walk around the park in all directions.
This isn't a large park but if you walk around and back and
then in the other direction you get a pretty good walk.
We then sat out in the screen room for a while.

Tomorrow I will hit the second had stores again. I saw a
patio table sitting out at one that was closed.

Seems this is the only way you can get a picture of the
Stellar Jay. They just move all the time.

Good Night All


  1. Jo,
    Walmart has a camping department that sells an out door rug that is great for all weather. We place 2 of the large ones in front of the RV and 2 smaller for the dogs. They work wonderful,come in different colors and last a long time. Here is a link to them @walmart.

  2. The search is on by one determined lady, clear the aisles.

  3. Garage sales! Look around Fri & Sat morn.

  4. Good morning Vicki,
    I looked at them and if I can't find used that's what I will buy. Thank you.

    Hi John,
    Yes clear the way here I come!

    Hello Cyn,
    I will also hit garage sales. I don't want to spend a lot of money to throw the thing on the ground.
    I hear RV Parks are good places to find these rugs.

  5. Those jays are some noisy birds! For some reason I don't have em here around this house, but have at others.
    Love those flowers.

  6. Hi Trouble,

    The noise has been to bad yet. And I haven't seen or heard Acorn Woodpeckers yet.
    The flowers are called zangia (sp)or something like that.

  7. Hello Ms. Busy, you're always on the move. From one project to another. Wish I had your energy, well…mobility. There was a bird's nest tucked in next to the downspount on my gutter system. I was enjoying watching the Mother and Dad building their nests, to caring for eggs, to seeing the chicks. The other day I saw big black wings through the window and heard a lot of squawking. I went out to see what was going on…the nest had been knocked to the ground and no signs of the little birds. I think the birds were either Ravens or Blackbirds--even in suburbia we have carnivorous birds.

    Have fun, Jo. Pats to Fred.

  8. Hi Nancy,
    I just want to get done and then I find something else to do. I haven't even gotten by fishing license yet.
    Those black birds are awfull bullies. And the Ravens are bigger than chickens up here.