Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Snow Adventure

Yesterday Liz, went fishing and said A-1 Lake was snowed
in. Well you just know I had to go see this.

Lucy, and I headed out early afternoon. You can feel the
temps go down as you drive to higher elevations. Well we
finally arrived and yes we found snow but not what we
expected to find. And it wasn't all that cold either.

Lucy heading to
the lake.


Sun Rise Ski slopes

Right here in the RV Park

Had a great day today for sure.
Good Night All


  1. Boy, you are living the good life now for sure. Pretty great pictures.

  2. Good morning John,

    Yes I have been working to much and now it's time to play.

    Nice to know you like the pictures.

    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Burr, looks cold. But anything beats the 101 degrees here in Phoenix today!

  4. hiya Jo ... jeeeeeez with the snow but sure is pretty there!

    Great pictures... love the deer. yellow ground squirrel or chipmunk? look so much alike ... cute cute cute whatever they are


  5. Hi Kevin and Tracy,
    It is really nice here. There is no snow in this area. I had to go about 20 miles to get to the snow. And it really wasn't that cold I was surprised.
    PHX. Hit the 101 mark already. Your next long weekend you should take a trip to the mountains.

    Hi Carolyn,
    There wasn't much snow but it was nice to see it and be wearing a t- shirt. the little guy is cure I call them chipmunks.

  6. Pretty pictures, but you can keep the snow. Spring is finally coming to north Georgia. I just hope it sticks around for a while. I don't even want to see temperatures around 100 for a while!

    And who can resist deer? As long as I don't have a vegetable garden, I love seeing them close up. :)