Saturday, April 27, 2013

Great Day

Today was a really nice day. I did a load of the dreaded

While the machine was going I hung up my bird feeder
and a few things around the trees.

I really needed to wash the windows and yesterday I bought
one of those Windex window cleaning wands or what ever
there called. It reminds me of a swifter. First you spray the
window and the pad and wash the windows. After you wash
the window you spray it again with the hose. I didn't think
it would work but it sure does. There are no streaks at all.
I will buy one of these in the fall when I go back to Tucson
for sure. And I can see clearly now!

After all that work I sat outside and got some rays.

I went in to make some dinner but Terry road up and said
they were having a Jello Shots party and to come on over.
We had other drinks too and we had a blast. We all decided
it should be a Sat. night GTG from now on.

Good Night All


  1. All those other things and you do windows too. All that hard work you deserved a party.

  2. Good morning John,

    Yes hard to believe I can be domestic. LOL
    but I sure deserve to party a little.

  3. Jo, if you run out of windows to wash and want to take a trip, let me know. I'll send directions. :)

  4. Hello Nancy,

    LOL I think I am all window washed out. But sure would love to take a trip your way someday. There is a guy looking for a van for me. He has a great one he picked up for a really cheap price. I told him I will give him double for it. He said NO! haha.
    Have a wonderful day.

  5. I use the Windex one you screw onto the hose, then you set it for wash, then rinse. Works great!

  6. Hi Trouble,
    I have that one too in Tucson, since the screens get really dirty there. But here you really need to get the pine sap off and the grit from winter.Here the screens are on the inside. There both pretty good.

  7. Oh fun times ahead! Enjoy your season there!