Friday, April 26, 2013

Two Projects Done

The wind has finally gone and a beautiful day was had.

My hot water heat is now fixed it needed a new board. His price was really good and I am very grateful it wasn't a new hot water heater.

Then Liz and I went to check out Lowe's for flowers and veggies for Liz to start her garden. We stopped at Patsy's to see her new place and it is really nice. It is an trailer about 10 x 44 and it is fixed up so nice and was very well taken care of. Patsy even has her own washer and dryer. The Park is really nice too. Many up grades were made by the previous owner. It has double pain windows the works.

Then made a stop at Liz's place to see her new set up in a new park.
The space is very large and is set up really nice.

Then we came back here and set up the screen room. Some tweaking still needs to be done but it is really getting done.

Fred thought it was time he made and appearance. As you can see his tail is going 90 miles a minute

Just some of the colors

Bird house or feeder I have had this for a few years and I
still love it.

I will check out some second hand stores for patio furniture.
But it needs to be able to fold for storage makes it hard to find.
Good Night All


  1. Looks to me that Fred is pleading for things to settle down. Glad progress is being made, especial the hot water thing. Pretty flowers.

  2. Good morning John,
    He has been able to roam around pretty good around here. But I see a few trailers have people in them this morning. So it will be leash time. It was so nice to just turn on the hot water this morning from inside.

    Have a great weekend John

  3. Had to laugh when I saw Fred's tail....
    Love your new place.

  4. Hello Kevin and Tracy,
    Thank you!

    Hi Trouble,

    Fred's tail is always on the move. Thank you I love it too.

  5. Everything is looking good, time to relax and enjoy it.

  6. Hi Teri,
    Yes it is. I'm worn out. :)

  7. Hi, Fred, Glad to see you're enjoying your new digs! Wow, you'll be surrounded by flowers by the time Jo is finished. Tell Jo, I'm glad she didn't need a new hot water heater. - Jack

  8. Hi Jack,
    Yea my mom was really happy about the hot water heater. Now I am going to get a fence so I can be outside off leash.
    the flowers are pretty but that's kind of a girly thing.
    I'm sure glad you wrote to me Jack. - Fred

  9. Hi Fred ... he's so cute. Looking good ... just like home, huh? Samantha just sent a picture of home and the grass is green..she said now come home and I am so ready.. Love your flowers... until another time. Kathy