Thursday, April 25, 2013

Can We Say Windy!!

The day started out so nice.
Lucy was doing some landscaping with Terry and stopped by to take a break on the patio. We had some coffee out there. I should have taken a picture of the Patio Grand Opening.

I ran to Walmart to pick up some grocerys. I have gone to the store almost everyday because I didn't have something I needed to make a dish of something. So I hope I am good for a least a week or 2.

The the wind started and it kept getting stronger as the day progressed. I added some weight to the awning and so far it has survived. We had 37 mpr gusts and this place rocked.

Good day to stay in and make things. I put up a small pork roast with zucchini,, butternut squash, baby carrots, red potato, onion and mushrooms. Also made a 3 bean salad and a green bean salad.
I guess tomorrow I will turn on the propane so I can make a turkey loaf. This should be interesting in taste as  they didn't have the Italian flavored ground turkey so I bought one that is supposed to be taco flavored. Haven't tried that one yet.

This wind sure has my allergies buggin big time. I have to go out to walk Fred so I am in the wind. Hope tomorrow will be a better weather day.

Good Night All


  1. Yes we can say windy, 35 mph gust on my weather station. The flags stowed again. Wind is supposed to die here tomorrow.

  2. Hope the awning stays secure.

    The food sounds awesome. Are you cooking for company, or do you cook like that for yourself?

  3. I'd be worried about that awning ripping off...

  4. Good morning John,
    I hope it stops here too had enough. It is called for light breeze we shall see.

    Hi tinycamper,

    I portion out the food and freeze it. I really don't like to cook so I do up batches and freeze it. Of course in the trailer there isn't much room and I am going to look into a small double door fridge at Walmart and put it in the shed.

    Hi Cyn,
    The awning survived. It's is the same age as the trailer so it has seen better days. Has lots of pin holes and some a little larger, so it is time for a new one.

    You all have a good day and thanks for stopping by this morning.

  5. Sounds to me like you must think I'm coming to dinner! That all sounds pretty good!

    Windy all over, I reckon!

  6. Hi Jim,
    Come on over plenty of food.
    No wind today the weather is really nice.

    Nice to see you hear. Thank you.