Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The List

While the list is growing shorter the weather seems to not be doing so well.

Got Social Security and the dentist out of the way. But Liz said lots of ice and very cold up north.

While to temps don't look to bad for Sunday and Monday the winds are bad. Guess I will just have to keep watching and hoping there is a change for the better.

Picked up some boxes today so I can bring things back down. This is the only weekend my daughter can go for a long time and that won't work. So if I don't go up until Tues. I will wait a few days before coming back down. Debbie really wanted to go up and see what it's like.

Didn't do to much else today made 2 beanies.

Just remembered Fred needs a new bed for up there. I'll pick one up Friday.

Good Night All


  1. It's hard to hold back when you want to travel up the hill, but you probably wouldn't be too happy parked in ice and snow.

  2. two beanies? ha? you mean the caps with the propellers on top? get out.

    aw... Fred needs a new bed... oh, me...

    night! ;)

  3. Good morning John,
    No don't want that and then you don't know what the canyon will be like. I'm going to call ADOT (Aizona Dept of Transportation) to check that out before I go anywhere. Hope your travel goes well today.

    Hi Carolyn,

    Yes the little hats but no propellers.
    Yep a new bed is in order.

  4. Maybe Fred will have to sleep in your bed! Might keep ya warm, for sure!

  5. Always lots to do, but it sounds like you are making great progress!

  6. Hi Jim,
    No he gets to dirty because he is so close to the ground, he will get his new bed. :)

    Thanks you for stopping by.

    Hellos Kevin and Tracy,
    Yes so much to do when leaving for 6 months. But I am making headway.

    Glad you stopping in today.

  7. This just gives you more time to prepare!

  8. Hi Cyn,
    I just want to get going. I am prepared ahaha
    Get that road itch and I want to go.
    glad you stopped by today.