Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Less Wind and a Great Lunch

We had some rain during the night and I had hoped it
 was going to clean the air but it didn't. We had a little fog
this morning. It cleared up and the wind started in again.

Fred and I got in short walk and then I dusted since
everything was coated in a fine dust. YUCK

Picked up Lois and Kathy and we went out to lunch. Barb
couldn't make as she had to fly out to Oregon do to  family

It was a Birthday lunch for Kathy and Lois who will celebrate
their birthdays after we have all left for the summer.

Received a picture from my friend Liz this morning showing
snow on her MH. :(

Have a wonderful week everyone

Good Night All


  1. Funny how that dust manages to get in even with the windows closed.

  2. Good morning John,
    Yes it is awfull. Hope it stays nice a calm today.

  3. Hi Jo,

    Today is certainly appearing to be more hopeful than the last two days. Thank goodness. Have you seen Green? You haven't mentioned him and I am curious. Hope he made it through all of the wild weather.

  4. Enjoy the dust! Got over a foot of snow on the rim.

  5. Hi JMD,
    No site of Little Green since he went down the road to a better feeder I was told. So far a nice day a little chilly but that is just fine with me.

    Hi Nomad,
    The dust was bad. But yes compared to the snow hmm.
    Just got a text from my friend in Lakeside said it is very cold and lots of ice may have to wait a week.

    Thank you all for coming over for a read.

  6. Oh I'd hate that dust, I'd almost trade snow for it!