Monday, April 8, 2013

Can We Say WIND!!!

The wind is really bad here and from what I hear everywhere in Arizona. We are having wind gust of 45-50 mph. I have watched the big awning rock back and forth all day. It is creaking under the stress.

I had to tie down the chair covers on the porch as they kept blowing off and I have removed the wind chimes so they wouldn't get blown to pieces.

Walking Fred has been a challenge as the wind wanted to just drag you along. They claim it will stop at around 11 pm. I sure hope so.
In just the few short walks we have taken noticed several screened in porches are almost no longer screened in. The screens have broken free and are flapping in the breeze. Those screens were installed by the same person so that doesn't surprise any of us.

Hope your weather is doing better than ours.

Good Night All


  1. That wind is what's keeping me sitting. From the looks of the weather map Arizona, New Mexico and west Texas are all under wind alerts. Motoring in the wind is no fun, so I'll sit for awhile.

  2. Good morning John,
    Believe me I know, I hate driving my car in the wind but when I got caught up in it with the class c it was horrible. We are calm right now I hope it stays this way.

  3. Can't say we were any better off than you. We had the crazy winds also and they tore entire stems off the geranium and took the baby plums off our tree. Yikes!

  4. It'll be here tonite..with some rain I hope.

  5. Hi JMD,
    It has been crazy. Most place have March as the windy month we have April and it sure didn't come in like a lamb either.
    Hope you get more plums this season.

    Hi Trouble,
    Its still windy here but not like yesterday. Hope you fair better than we did.

  6. I remember my trip west thinking, "Now I know how people are driven mad by the sound of the wind." When I arrived in Albuquerque, I thought something was wrong with my ears and couldn't figure it out because I knew I wasn't high in altitude. I realized. I wasn't hearing the wind that had been constant for weeks.

    Great weather here, but storms coming on Thursday.

  7. Hello Nancy,
    It started out calm today but it didn't last long. Of course not nearly as bad as yesterday.
    After having such nice weather for a week or 2 then to get this! Oh well it will get nice again. I'm sure after I leave. hahaha