Friday, April 12, 2013

Weeds, Fred's Bed And Dinner At Sisters

While walking Fred I always walk around the house to check for weeds. Yep they
were starting to pop their nasty little heads up again. So I put Fred on the post and went
around spraying. Weren't to many but enough. I don't want there to be any weeds when I
leave. Debbie will have plenty over the summer to deal with.

I was going to buy Fred a new bed but I had bought one not to long ago. It was the one I
took on our little trip. It was filthy but other wise still  like new. I took it out to the shed and
sprayed it with 409 and scrubbed it good with a scrub brush. It sure was filthy and the dirt
was just running off. I rinsed it really good and sprayed it again and scrubbed it more.
Finally the water ran clear. Hung it over the railing to drip dry. It dried really well out
on the porch later on.  Fred now has a bed for the mountains.

Sat out on the porch for about an hour and crocheted some hats.

Went over to my sisters house for dinner around 5. She made some marble rye and had
left over corned beef. We had Rubin sandwiches. They were sooooo good.

Walked home and did a load of laundry and crocheted more hats.

Getting to be time to relax.

Good Night All


  1. Besides spraying the weeds that have already sprouted you should consider spraying a per-emergent all over the places you wish to stop the growth from ruining you day. There are several out there. Green-light sold at Lowe's caries one and they have one by Ortho that work well as well. The greeLite you use a hand held spreader to disperse the product on your property. The Ortho one you apply it using a fancy container that you fill with a certain level of the product and hook it up to your hose and spray away. You can spray it on bare ground that hasn't yet sprouted weeds and it will work on any weed that are in the very early stages of just sprouting. The whole goal of using a per-emergent is to get into the soil before the next good rain. Doing so really limits the ability of new weed growth and makes dealing with the ones that do make it through easier to eliminate...

  2. Thank you AZDesertRat,
    I know about those pre emergent. I did use it but maybe not enough. I will need to go over it again before I leave for the summer.

  3. Jo, I think I'm going to call you Ms. Busy. You have so much energy. I can't tell you how many beds Jack has had/has. I'd shake the covers ever now and then, and have washed them a few times, but the hair that is left in the washing machine is incredible. I think he's finally slowing down on the shedding, but the way the weather has bounced back and forth I think has confused even the dogs' shedding patterns.

    I'd love to see a picture of Fred. I don't remember whether you ever posted one. I'll have to go back through your blog and look. Homade Rubins--that sounds delicious!

  4. I've been meaning to ask, Jo. I have a brother who I found only five years ago. He lives in CA, now but is planning a move to Phoenix where most of his children live. They have summer homes in the mountains in a place called Strawberry. Have you ever been there?

  5. Hello Nancy,
    Yes I have posted Fred but I can do it again for you.

    I don't have that much energy believe me but I push really hard so as not to get lazy which is very easy for me.

    Yes I have been to Strawberry but it was many years ago. It is very beautiful there and have always wanted to go back. I had lunch at a lovely little place that sat along a creek. I have no idea what it was called or if I could ever find it again. Strawberry is up above Payson I think and it is about an hour or so from my summer place.

  6. I'm sure Fred appreciates all the hard work -- after all, he's ready to add new fresh clean dirt! Rubens, love them! I've been making them myself lately too. Hope those naughty weeds stay away now.

  7. Always got something going on, don't ya?

  8. Hi Cyn,
    Yes plenty of fresh dirt up there too.
    I love Rubin's and with the home made bread. OH yes.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hello Jim,
    Yes I am a very busy gal lately.
    So glad you stopped in for a read today always love seeing you.

  9. I would love to see pictures of your crocheted hats!


  10. Hi Teri,
    I see you are holding a doxie. I also have one he is a daple. Mostly black the usual brown but then he has white and grey markings.

    I will post some pictures for you if I can find them. If not will have to wait until Mon. Or Tues.
    Thank for stopping by.