Saturday, April 13, 2013

Packing Up The Car and Requests

I have been tossing leaving back and forth for days. So I
checked Salt River Canyon and it looks good for travel.
Monday I am leaving before the weather gets there. I
figured if I leave no later than 7 am I will get there just in
time. I will try to leave around 6 am. I have already started
to pack the car. I will run to Walmart tomorrow and pic up
milk and salads so I don't have to go to the store once I get
there. I will make some turkey loaf and bag it in serving size
bags and freeze them tomorrow over night. Freezer and
fridge stuff will be last of course.

I had a request to post a picture of Fred and the hats I make.
So here they are:
Fred the mighty camper.
 The burgundy hat has a yellow flower and a curly scarf, pink hat has blue flower and
 scarf. The brown and beige hats are large for men and of course there is a baby size and
and small hats for young children.

Still have things to get ready so have a good weekend.
Good Night All


  1. Looks like Fred is ready to go. Has he already finished his packing?

  2. Thanks, Jo. I just knew what Fred looked like. He seems like such an easy going little guy. Jack and he would like each other.

    Your hats are beautiful! Have fun.

  3. I know you are chomping at the bit to get to the mountains! Hope you beat the weather!

  4. Hiya Fred! hahaa.... the hats are very pretty! looking forward to pictures of your trip!

    'night ;)

  5. Fred is super cute! Dachshunds are my favorite. I’ve had two of the hard headed little darlings!

    You’ve probably answered this question before, but I’m new to your blog - what do you do with all your beautiful crocheted hats?

    I crochet afghans for Linus here in central Texas. It’s wonderful to be able to continue doing something I love to do and to help someone else at the same time.


  6. Good morning John,
    Yes Fred is all packed. He knows we are heading out. Just can't decide which of his toys to bring along.

    Hello Nancy,
    As soon got over thinking he was bigger than Jack they would do fine. Thank you on the hats.

    Hi Jim,
    Yes I am. Some of my friends are already there. Of course for the first few days it will be cleaning. But then I get to plant flowers! Hope to leave as early as possible to beat the wind.

    Hello Carolyn,
    I'll let Fred know you said hey.

    Hi Teri,
    Oh yes he can be very hard headed but he is such a love.
    I donate most of the things I make. I will sell some as then I can buy more yarn. I make lap robes for the VA, simply soft yarn hats go to the Cancer Center, regular yarn hats go to the homeless shelter and baby blankets and hats got to center for children in shelter care.

    Thank you all for coming by to read my crazyness.

  7. Fred is ready to go camping! Have fun tomorrow, I hope everything goes well. :)


  8. Hi Erik,
    Well we are ready but not the weather.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. The hats are beautiful, Jo.

    I don't know how far you are from Sacramento, but just saw this van listed on Cheap RV Living.

  10. I hope the weather allows you to make the trek! Hi Fred! I rescued a mini dappled doxie once, had him for two weeks till his owner found us. I called him InkStain ;-) His real name ended up being Oscar.
    He'd go out with my salukis, they liked him, but they were young at the time too.

  11. Hello tinycamper.
    Thank you, keeps me busy.

    I'm not very close but I will check it out. Thank You.

    Hi Cyn,

    Fred is really sweet. His owner didn't want to pay to get him back and surely was paying for him to be fixed. I know someone put a lot of time into training Fred. How can you just let them go like that. Animal Control was willing to work with him on the payments, he wasn't having it. SO now he's mine or is that I'm his. lol

  12. Well Fred got lucky to have you! Oscar ended up belonging to the family that owned the small town grocery store. I was glad that he went back home & I was able to keep him safe in the meantime.