Sunday, April 14, 2013

Well Can You Guess

I went out early this morning, filled my gas tank, went
to Wally's, picked up the milk, salads, 2 gls of water and
and a case of bottles. I headed home to strip the bed down
 so everything would be nice and clean.
As I was turning onto my street the phone was ringing. I
heard Pine Flat RV Park. Oh no. Well it was Terry to tell me
the Park would not be open until Sat. There will be a freeze
on Wed. night so they won't turn on the water. And of course
snow is on the way. 

OK Mr. Winter it's Spring do you hear me?

The wind here has been blowing like mad again too.

So my Tracy called and said let's go have breakfast. OK
why not. Then Tracy took me to this new store to look
around. I was drooling all over the case where the
new Canon's where displayed. I want one of those new
ones so bad. So I pulled myself away before the sales kid
 could pull one out and I would just have to buy it. I really
did not like this store. Sales people where everywhere and
just would not leave you alone. I just had to get out of that
store. So we headed back home.

I really don't have to unpack to many things and what is 
already in the car will stay.

I'm glad I still have some TV time left as it will be turned off
on Friday until Oct.

So I will get a few more things done in between now and

Good Night All


  1. I guess mother nature has other ideas about you rushing the season. Another week to twiddle your thumbs. So sorry I know you're anxious to get going.

  2. Oh, I'll bet you are a bit dissappointed, but at least you don't have to fight those winds.

  3. well, bummer and I don't like that kind of store either... well? here's to Saturday!

    more rainy ol storms the middle of this next week for me... but certainly NO SNOW ... man

  4. Good morning John,
    It is dissappointing but that is mother nature for you. If I still had the other place I would have went anyway. It was much cozier one and I think better insulated. I'll wait.

    Hi Cyn,
    Yes in a trailer that sits up off the ground it really rocks. The winds here are bad too. I would love to at least get out and drink coffee on the porch but no.

    Hello Carolyn,
    Yes and the same sales girl kept coming back. After I shot her a look that wasn't saying I am a nice person she backed off.
    We aren't supposed to get rain but still lots of wind. I hear weather really isn't very nice in lots of places. So yes heres to Sat.

  5. Yup, pretty blowy here also. We are suppose to have wind issues through Wednesday. Go figure. I just hope my plants are secure in their pots.

  6. Hello JMD,
    Yes this is the time of year for wind. It sure is picking up now. I hope this weekend marks the end of winter. I know there will still be winds until the end of the month and maybe beyond.

  7. Sorry to hear that spring and your leaving has been delayed. But you don't want to be driving up there in the snow or wind.

  8. We have been waiting for Spring to arrive as well, last year we couldn't get rain for nuttin and this year our yard is like a swamp. I bought a Cannon T3i at the end of 2011 and love it but have to use it just for things that might be important because of the file sizes which are huge.

    Plus, you need LENSES!! I had to stop looking because I would have started spending way too much money. I need a good long distance lens and then I should be good to go. If you get one the new T4i is supposed to be great!

    I hope everything is ok with the rig!


  9. Hello Teri,
    No I don't want to drive in the wind up that Canyon. So will wait until Sat.

    Hi Erik,
    I may check them out tomorrow. But if I want to get a van I may not be spending money on a new camera just because I want one. And I really do want one.

    I hope all is well with rig too.

  10. After all that anticipation and preparation... must have been a real letdown to know you have to wait.

    I hope it will all be worth it when you get there! :)