Sunday, May 26, 2013

Chilly, Windy Day

It was again windy but to add to it came low temps. Like wearing a flannel shirt and jeans weather.

Took the tent down it passed the wind test with flying colors. It only took about 15 min. to take it down and put everything away.

Once I put that away I went to pick up some blocks Steve said I could have to put around the bottom of the screen room to keep Fred from getting out. He was walking around looking for his escape route and was not happy he couldn't find one. hehe.

Sat out there and took some walks around the park. I almost finished a book I have been reading. Just felt like a reading kind of day.

My Friend Rob stopped by to see me this morning. We talked and drank coffee for about an hour. It was good to see him. I promised to stop by and see his new home.

My Allergies are really acting up today with all this wind and pine pollen. I thought we had seen the last of it but guess not.

I need to make my green bean salad for tomorrow's gtg the other stuff is done and just will need to be heated up.

Wishing everyone a safe and fun Memorial Day!

Good Night All


  1. I can't believe this weather. It's still cold in so many places...but not here. Humidity is on the top of the weather reports here. a/c's are going 24/7 now.

  2. Hope things warm up for you soon, summers a wasting. That Fred must have an escape plan, but you're not cooperating.

  3. Cloudy here today...perfect for the little memorial service the American Legion have every year at the cemetary where my dad was buried. Love your truck tent idea!

  4. Good morning Cyn,

    We sure have had some crazy weather lately. It was warming up nicely but the wind was and still is terrible. Stay cool.

    Hi John,

    I wish it would calm down now. I have places to go and pictures to take. I'm getting bored too.

    Hello Aint,

    It's cloudy here today too. And the breeze is already started. Plenty chilly out there this morning.

    Enjoy your Memorial Service.
    Our GTG will be under cover so we should be fine.

    Enjoy your day everyone no matter what the weather and lets not forget to remember why we have this Memorial Day.

  5. I don't think there is a place in the country one can go to get away from allergies. Nice to have a friend to sit, talk and drink coffee with, isn't it.

  6. Hi Phyllis,

    Yes it was good to see Rob. Rob lives up here year round so I guess when summer friends come up it gives them some one to talk to. I know he has some friends up here as he has a job. Just maybe no one to sit and drink coffee with.

  7. Or maybe he just enjoys your company ;)

    Poor Fred ... foiled again ! ha

  8. Hi Carolyn,

    I think he feels like he is being left out of something important.

  9. Hope your day was great, Jo.

    Your new header photo is beautiful.