Wednesday, May 29, 2013


It was a little chilly today and of course the wind was
blowing again.

Lucy picked me up so I could get some grocery's. I was OK
but Fred was running low. Thank You Lucy!

And I was going stir crazy from being home for so many

They called to tell me they couldn't find a problem with the
truck. We went over what happened again so they said they
will drive it more and see. If they still don't find a problem
I will go with them for a ride. I want to be sure.

If all is well a camping trip is in order. Got to try out that

Thinking this is the place,

Scott's Reservoir.
Will have to get my fishing license
 Nice large spaces

Good Night All


  1. I am so hoping the truck story has a happy ending!

    Can't wait to see pictures of your first camping trip with the new tent.

  2. I hope they get your wheels back to you soon. Just to keep you from climbing the walls.

  3. You make sure you drive them all over and get that tranny nice and warn and hopefully the problem you had will happen while they are with you.

  4. Good morning tinycamper,

    I sure hope this works out now for sure. Need to get out take pictures.

    Hi John,

    Yes I need to feel the freedom of the road and open spaces.

    Hello AzDesertRat,

    There are a few nice hills they will experience when we take out ride today. Maybe it isn't the trans but a fuel problem. But we will find out today for sure. I gotta GO Camping!

  5. Hope you get to break in that new tent very soon.

  6. Seems the problems never happen when there's someone there to see what they are. GL!