Friday, May 31, 2013

Truck Is Back Camping Trip Plans

After really letting them know how angry I was and how they should have delivered the truck back to me not me pick it up, the sissy sent the secretary. Also wrote a nasty comment on there sight. And I wasn't the only one.

I went and picked up Lucy and we did some driving around. Lots of driving and everything is OK. We stopped at some friends to pay a visit and say hello. We then found Liz and made plans for a camping trip next Tue. We are finally going to the lake.

After leaving Liz, we went over to Big Lots! and picked up a few things. Got a 10 x 12 screen room really cheap. And a few other things to take along.  Lucy also picked up a few extra items.  Sunday very early I will go to Wally World for my fishing  license.  We are going to pre cook stuff so all we have to do is warm things up.

Tomorrow I will do my laundry so that will be out of the way.

You all have a wonderful weekend.

Good Night All


  1. I hope the truck is ok and you have a great trip! It sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun!


  2. Happy camping, this has been so long in coming, you've got to be charged.

  3. Glad you have your truck back, Jo. I've been down staying with my grand daughters south of Atlanta while my son is away. I just can't get my act together when I'm staying in someone elses home. My routine seems to get turned upside down. I read here and there but I don't have as much time because I'm not on the computer as much keeping up with who is where, etc. I'd forgotten how busy one is while "mothering". :)

  4. Good morning Erik,
    The truck seems to be fine now. I think it will be great and yes lots of fun.

    Hi John,

    Yes this trip has been long coming. Charged we are. I gathered stuff up last night. So now I can put the containers back out the house is a mess, LOL

    Hello Nancy and Jack,

    I was wondering where you were. Yes staying in some one elses home and doing a different routine can get hectic. But I'm sure you are enjoying it too.
    Love to Jack.

  5. Did they tell you what was done to the truck? To fix it?
    And, have a great time camping!

  6. Hi Trouble,
    No they said there wasn't anything wrong with it. You know they lied.

  7. well? at least camping is coming soon and relaxation ... that's good... boo hiss on the truck people

  8. Hi Carolyn,

    Yes camping is now on. Mostly all packed and ready to go.