Saturday, May 11, 2013

I Finally Did It

I got up this morning and knew it was time to get the paint.
I have also been needing a hair cut since I arrived up here.
While standing in line at Home Depot some guy was talking
to someone and mentioned a salon. So I asked him about it
and he gave me the girls card. I went right over there and I am
very happy with  the cut.

Came home and got started. I wanted to take the mirror off
 the wall. What a chore that was. It was not just screwed to
the wall it was taped with some kind of 2 sided construction
strength stuff. But I won that battle and didn't even break the
mirror. I hung the mirror in the bedroom.



I'm happy with this color it sure makes a
big difference  and just enough of a change.
Off to the left I will hang some of my own
pictures of nature shots and the four seasons.
We were having our Saturday night gathering and
someone said the deer were out in the meadow
so we strolled down to see them. They paid very
little attention to us. Terry said they had been out
there this morning and she counted 18. One of the
residents put a salt lick out there for them and another
picked up some deer feed at Ace. I better not forget
my camera in the morning when Fred and I take
our walk.
Good Night All


  1. Wow, what a difference a little paint makes. I like the sentiments on your signs too. Good job.

  2. very nice... love that color! and where's the picture of your new 'do'?

    night ;)

  3. Looks good! Hope you get the pictures of the deer!

  4. Good morning John,

    Thank you! I really like the color. And I love my signs too. lol

    Happy Mothers Day Carolyn,

    I love the color too. Wasn't sure at first but once it dried I really liked it. No pictures of hair it's just shorter.

    Hello Jim,

    I went this morning but they weren't there. Maybe later this morning.

  5. Hahaha on the wall signs, love them! The paint job looks nice & I like the mirror gone better too.

  6. You don't want to encourage deer being there. They quickly become pests, and get hit by vehicles. Besides bringing in fleas and ticks. Here in this county, we are the deer capital of the nation, and they have to relocate them out of residential neighborhoods.

  7. Hi Cyn,
    Happy Mothers Day!

    I love the change. I don't know why the girl before me painted, the walls weren't ugly. But she did and it looked sad. Glad you like my signs.

    Hi Trouble,

    The deer stay in the meadow. They do not come over the fence. But yes the fleas can be a problem for sure.

    Happy Mothers Day to you.

  8. Beautiful color! By the way, your fridge is not smaller than mine. It looks like you have the same standard 6 cu foot that I have. :)