Friday, May 10, 2013

More Thunder, Clouds and Rain

This morning the sun was shining so bright and the sky was clear blue. A little while later
it started to get little fluffy white clouds.

I figured since no one was using the laundry room I would do one more load. As I was
coming out of the laundry I noticed the clouds where darker and many.

Met one of the new people in the park who came to do laundry. He decided to wait until
both machines were available. My load finished and I threw it in the machine. I don't know
if this guy ever washed his own clothes before. He asked a few questions and had some
confusion about dryer sheets vs fabric softener.  It was to late to add some fabric softener
but I think he understands now.

As I was bringing my laundry home it started to thunder a little and rained on an off.

Fred had a groomers apt. today so off we went. She said it would take about an 1 1/2.
What? It sure is expensive up here and takes quite a long time.
In the mean time I checked out the new Burley Bear which had burned down about 2 yrs
ago do to arson. The prices were very high before and are even higher now. There stuff is
really nice.

Then I filled up the gas and headed home. I saw Liz making the turn but she kept going.
They went fishing this morning and were frozen. Maybe I will see her tomorrow to
give her the pictures I printed out. 

After picking up Fred we just went for a few walks since the weather was crummy not
much else to do.

This is the sky at about 5:45 am
 Then at 9:20 am
 Around 10:30 am when the rain started

Good Night All


  1. We got some of that weather down here too. Few drops of rain, but more thunder than anything.

  2. Good morning John,

    It's good we get this rain up here to prevent forest fire. Just the thunder is fine as long as no lightening comes with it.

  3. 'morning, JO.... that's quite a sky ~ what fun to think of photographing it... pretty

  4. Guess that guy in the laundromat didn't have his mother teach him right. ;)

  5. Hi Carolyn.
    I love cloud pictures and we have had plenty this week. Need to get a sunset hopefully tonight.

    Hi Judy,

    I guess not don't know if he was ever married or not. Better learn fast. :)