Thursday, May 9, 2013

What a Day

Today I went to Breakfast with Liz for her Birthday. Her birthday isn't until next week
but some of her other friends will be taking her to the Navajo Reservation.

We then went to Big Five and we each bought some much needed shoes. Off to Walmart
for a few items. I finally bought my stool. It had to be put together but I got that done.

The weather was cloudy and sunny but chilly. I realized all my warm clothes needed
washing. So off I went to do the dreaded laundry thing.  As I was returning from loading
the  machine it started to sprinkle. But I managed to get it all done and as I was folding it
started to thunder. It didn't last long but the rain came and went. As I am writing this post
it has really started to rain.  Well it stopped already but I'm sure it will do this all night.
But it sure is nice to have some warm sweat pants and shirt.

Good Night All


  1. Weather report from east of Tucson...lots of sun, high of 84 and no rain. Sorry you missed it.

  2. Good morning John,
    I'm Ok with that. It is nice weather for Tucson at this time. They have already hit the 3 digits a few weeks ago. I like this weather its different.
    Happy travels today.