Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More Organizing

Today it was cloudy on an off. It was chilly but not windy.

I had planned on getting into the shed and organize. I had picked up some canvas bags
the other day. So out Fred and I went to clean the shed. Of course wasn't much help but
he was happy to watch me. I checked on my painting supplies and I have everything
I need to get the painting started.
I need to take some measurements to see what size fridge will fit.

I will pick up the paint to get the one wall done to add some much needed color to
this place. The weather this week isn't supposed to be very nice so to much outdoor activity
isn't going to happen.

Good Night All


  1. I hope your weather improves, it's supposed to be nice when you're vacationing in the mountains.

  2. Good morning John,
    Yes it is that's why I come here. Well it get better by the end of the month. maybe

  3. Painting! YUK! One of my least favorite activities. But bet ya do a good job and make everything spiffy.

  4. Hello Phyllis,

    I used to love to paint, but not so much anymore now that the body doesn't twist and turn like it used to. But this place is painted beige. I hate beige as much as white. I love color so I will do just an accent wall.

  5. Oh, I'm anxious to see the paint job! I like to paint. I'll do just about anything to avoid cleaning sometimes....which is silly because it doesn't take all that much to clean an RV.

  6. Jo, if you're ever finished organizing your things, I'm always available. :) I've been looking at a piece of 2nd hand furniture for 3 years that needs painting. Maybe I was wishing it would paint itself. Pats and huts to Fred from Jack and me.

  7. Hi Cyn,
    The keep saying we are going to have nasty weather but it get's really nice in around 11:30 so I must I really must go out and play.

    Hi Nancy,

    Re painting a piece of used furntiure. hhhmmmm I like natureal wood can it be stripped or do you really want to paint it?

    Fred and I sent pats back to Jack

  8. It's a tiny little piece in my small bathroom. Perfect to keep tp, etc. in. I don't think it can be stripped. I only paid about $40 for it and I've always thought it would give a good pop of color in the room. If you saw it, you'd know what I mean--it's a cute little piece.