Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It Is Warming Up

Today didn't look very promising but it did get nice.
The sky was really dark with sun shining through some
openings in the clouds.

I went to Walmart to pick up frozen fruit and other things
to get back to the smoothies. It's time to buckle down and
get back to all the smart things I had been doing.

Picked up a great weight reduced recipe from one of my
friends on FB. It's a Crock Pot recipe. I love those. I will
let you know how it comes out tomorrow.

Had to get the car washed again. The sap is raining down
and the yellow pollen is falling too and blowing around
now. I parked next door since the people aren't here yet.
As you can see the sky was really dark but the sun was
trying to shine through.
 There was a rainbow but was not dark enough for my
camera to catch.

I have not even turned on the heater yet and it is 8:42 pm.
I'm liking this.

Good Night All


  1. Beautiful picture of the rainbow, Jo!

  2. Those dark clouds make for dramatic photos. I loved the misty, suffused rainbow.

  3. I sent some of that Gila Bend heat your way, just enough for you to enjoy the days.

  4. We like Smoothies AND using the crock pot. What do they say - great minds think alike?......

  5. Good morning tinycamper,

    I loved that sky and grabbed my camera fast. It was a beautiful morning.
    Thank you for stopping in,

    Hi John,

    I think some of that heat made it. Didn't need to dress up like I was in Alaska this morning. Thanks.

    Hello Phyllis,

    I did really well with the smoothies for breakfast and lunch and a good meal at night. So back to it I go. And I love the crock pot meals. I can just throw in what every I'm making and go where ever I want. This one shuts off automatically.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Hi Nancy,
    I wish the color had been better. But it is what it is sometimes. I still love the picture.

    Thank you for coming by today. Love to Jack.