Monday, May 13, 2013

We Had a Beautiful Day

The day was really beautiful. It reach 77 degrees today.

I did some chores in the trailer. Which took all of 25 min.
That included vacuuming, dusting  cleaning the bathroom.

Liz stopped by to pick up some pictures and check out the
blue wall.

I thought why are we inside when it is so nice outside.
I grabbed my kindle and Fred grabbed his chewy and out
we went.  We sat out for a long time and then Kindle said
the battery was getting low.  So we came and I plugged it
in to charge.

I made some Orzo to put in the left over soup I had. The
we went out again and walked around to say hello to some of the neighbors.

These next few pictures were taken out of my window this
morning a little after sunrise

 The Flag is next to the laundry room which is to my left.
 A few hours later the clouds started to move in but it was
warm and comfortable
 Of course these guys are really hard to photograph so
I was so happy he stayed put. Then realized I had turned
off the telephoto lens. UCK!
Stellar Jay
 As you can tell it is now sunset


Hope you enjoy this last picture as much as I enjoyed
catching it.

Good Night All


  1. I did enjoy that last picture. I traded a 106 temperature today for a 93, much cooler.

  2. All your pictures were great! love the bird with his open beak! Nice day for you ... Fred and his chewy... what else is there... seriously

    one of the cats got a lizard and left it on my front door step... lovely

  3. Good morning John,

    Yes it is starting to heat up around the southern part of the state and western portions also.
    Temps here are starting to warm up into the 70's mornings and evenings still cool.

    Hello Carolyn,

    I have been seeing lots of new birds coming in now. And of course I don't always have my camera.

    We had a cat once that used to bring presents too. But they would still be alive and start running all over the house and he would just watch them and never bother to finish the job.

  4. Great pictures, and I'm with you. The last one is beautiful!! You are in perfect weather. I'm good with a high of 70.

    Jo, what are you going to do with so little housework to do?