Saturday, May 18, 2013

Really Windy Again

This morning was nice and I was bound and determined to stay home and get things done.
Well Lucy found some huge yard sales and swap meet. So I picked her up and off we went.
I am so proud of myself for not buying anything but a $1. bag of treats for Fred. They
contain no sugar or salt.

But the wind started getting stronger so we ended our running around. Came home and the
wind just got stronger. The Pine trees are producing lots of yellow pollen and it is really
affecting the allergies.  I could actually feel the pollen sticking to my eye lashes. Or maybe
I may just be imagining this.

I went out and put some stakes on the middle of the screen room where the door  is to
stop it from blowing back and forth in an effort to keep the bottom from getting torn.

I came back in and decided to read. But that didn't last to long as I fell asleep. Phone
woke me up but it felt good. Looks like tomorrow will be more of the same. I do have
the dreaded laundry to do. And maybe shampoo the rug.

More pictures of our adventure yesterday
To show how clear the water is I stood there and let the little waves wash over my shoes
I thought my feet would turn the same color as my shoes, that water was COLD! And I
little tan dots where the holes in the shoes are.

 Oh Oh I think we went to far.

Hope your having a good weekend

Good Night All


  1. Just can't resist a yard sale or swap meet, but I'm amazed you only spent a dollar.

  2. Good morning John,

    Me too! I guess I really don't need anything.

  3. I really enjoy that header photo you have.

  4. The cedar trees, either male or female, turn yellow with pollen in the winter, causes hay fever in people allergic to it. Makes them miserable. It also blows all over everything.

  5. Many dogs that have had the surgery that Jack had eventually succumb to map nutrition because they are on such strict diets in order to keep the condition/disease from returning. If they don't die of malnutrition, they consume the fat that they are not supposed to and the lymph system is upset once, again. I did some research before his surgery and found that sweet potatoes are almost the perfect food with virtually no fat. I don't have a dehydrator, but I use my convection oven. I medium slice sweet potatoes with my mandalay--I bought a cheap one on Amazon for $20., usuallyl 6-8 potatoes (about a 7-9 days supply). I put them on teflon cookie sheets (no oil) and bake them for four hours at 180-200 degrees. It makes them like potatoe chips. I imagine a dehydrator would do the same job using less electricity.

    The vets are amazed, especially the surgeon, in Texas, who did his surgery. She keeps tabs on him as this is her area of research for the DeBaky center.

    Hearing so many bad things about China and dog food/treats, it's been a life saver. As an aside, NEVER feed a dog white potatoes - they are toxic to them.

    Well, that's my sermon for the day. :) Just thought you and maybe some of your readers would enjoy knowing the skinny on the sweet potato chip for dog treats.

    Jack says hi to Fred. :)

  6. Hi Judy,
    Isn't that a beautiful place. It is private property. I was going to ask them if they wanted to adopt me but couldn't get past the fence.

    Hello Trouble,

    I have seen it worse up here, where it was so thick I had trouble keeping up with it in the house let alone outdoors. Even poor Fred is having a few issues. He is just to close to the ground.

    Hi Nancy,

    Yes I try to make sure anything I buy Fred is USA made. He does not get people food ever. These treats where made right here on the mountain. those sweet potatoe treats sound good, but I don't have either of those things to make them in.

    Thanks for all the info and I hope they will be useful to someone who reads this blog.

  7. I really appreciate Jack's info on sweet potato treats for dogs. My little Sunny is getting old and needs all the nutritional help he can get. And no way will I buy treats made in China anymore.

    Hope your wind stops, Jo. We got drenching rain and thunderstorms here.

  8. Hi tinycamper,

    I will have to figure out a way to make them, I guess a toaster overn might work. I don't have any room here to store another appliance.

    I wish the wind would stop now. But May in the mountains is always windy. It gets to be like suffering from to much rain. I hope your weather clears up too.

    1. tiny camper and Jo, the key is to dehydrate rather than bake. Since Jack cannot have fat I was beside myself trying to think of something he'd really like. I tried the raw vegetables, but half the time he looked at me as if to say, "You're kidding." He loves the chips and they are one if not the most nutritious foods you can eat. I catch my daughter dipping in his treats and I scold her.

      Since you have little dogs, maybe a small dehydrater would work. You could run it with lower wattage. I can do four cookie sheets per session. I'd say Jack gets about a dozen chips per day, and they are a good size. For your little guys, you could make a batch and cut the slices up before dehydrating--they would last you for a long time. I do keep them in the fridge in an air tight container because there are no preservatives--I'm not sure that that's necessary.

  9. You have me a chuckle about your toes being the color of the shoes. I can just imagine it.

  10. Hello Phyllis,

    That water was sooo cold.