Friday, May 17, 2013

Something followed Me Home Today

Lucy and I went on an adventure today to find free camping or very low cost for a friend
of ours. We covered some new territory for us.  But some of the places were not fit for a
40ft motor home.
But we did find some really nice spaces at Scott's Reservoir.

They had some really great sites long and pull thru. This is true boon docking here,

 Lucy, checking out the water.
 This taken into the water the colors are great!

 Look at the size of this site
 And this is what followed me home today. Notice I did not park in front of my trailer
don't want to get sap on my truck. Of course if these people come up I'll have to move.

 OK mom I'm not sure I like it back here. OK you can ride in the passenger seat.
Now to decide on camper shell or truck tent. Camper shell I can only sleep in not much
room for sitting or getting dressed. Truck tents are really nice and you can stand up in it.
and even put a chair in there. What to do What to do.

Good Night All.


  1. Is that Fred? HAhaaaaa... you got a truck?? well do tell.

    Well? look at both options ... I thought of a camper shell at one point. I saw a lady in one at at Park ~ she let me look all around. She had everything in there.

    It was compact but very safe feeling and a small galley with a porta potty and shower ... had a cabover thing for a bed ... really nice.

    I'm just not fond of tents ~ the moisture and not climate controlled at all. The campers provide better safety and comfort ... I think so.

    Go look at some in campgrounds... that's what I did ... you're not shy are ya? hahaa

    g'night ;)

  2. Either way you go you're getting closer to your goal of being able to do some camping. Congratulations, it looks great.

  3. Good morning Carolyn,

    I don't think I will be buying an over head camper, unless I find one really cheap. They are very expensive. I may just buy a topper. They are easy to find and cheap.

    Yes that Freddy the freeloader there.

    Hi John,

    Thanks and yes closer. I am ready for that camping trip.

    Hello Teri,

    Thank you.

  4. I think I would lean toward the tent type thing. What if you get a rainy day? Of course, I don't suppose there are many of those in Arizona...

  5. Hi Judy,
    Oh we get rain. Monsoon season it will rain so hard you can't see 15 ft in front of you. And it can last for days or weeks. That is the other problem with the truck tent. They come with a rain bonnet but how much rain will they keep out?

  6. Nice truck!

    A lot of people enjoy camping in tents, but wet tents are something I hope I never have to deal with again.

    Maybe you could get a topper for sleeping, and a nice portable screen room to do outdoor living in? Or maybe tow a tiny trailer?

  7. Hi tinycamper,

    I have the screen room. Of course it is up here. But I will take it down if I need too. I really like the tent idea but then you always have to empty the truck out when you go home. Can't store things in the open back of truck. won't have it for long. so the topper may win out.

    Thank you.

  8. Congratulations, Jo!! Have you thought of a tiny trailer? You could store a screen room in the bed of the truck along with any other supplies. My friend just bought a tab. She previously owned an Aliner, but broke her hand and couldn't put it up. It's a hard-sided pop up. The advantage to these is that you don't have to deal with canvas.

    I owned a Chalet, but it wasn't practical with two big labrador retrievers and there isn't a lot of storage in them, and what there is is inconvenient, BUT you have the truck for that. Just a thought. You can get good deals for a used. They go fast. My friend sold hers within days of putting it up for sale. My trailer is 22 foot, but a feather lite--don't know how big your engine is, but I have a big truck. The trailer was about the same price as my chalet.